Ultima Replenisher Mocktini

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Training for any race in the summer is always a struggle, the heat and humidity do not make it easy. I know for almost all my runs, I dream about that ice cold water I will drink when I get back home. It is always nice when you can add some flavor to it, so I was more then excited to try out the Ultima Mocktini flavors. Not only are they yummy, but they have

6 electrolytes

No Sugar

0 calories

0 carbs

Gluten free


Vegan Friendly

So many great things to go along with the great taste.

There are 3 Mocktini flavors, Peach Bellini, Appletini and Coconut Pina Colada, I did enjoy them all, but my favorite was Appletini. It tastes just like a granny smith apple and it just was so tasty.

I enjoyed these so much, I have finished off the pack of them. I will most likely go buy a bag as I am a bit sad I won’t be able to drink them this week.

If you want to give them a try, you can go to ultimareplinisher.com and sign up for their newsletter to get 20% off your first purchase. I can’t recommend these enough, they are really tasty.

Also check out what some of my fellow pros think.





Anchorage Mayor’s Marathon

Marathon #9 and State #29 are complete

I did very much enjoy my time in Alaska, it is beautiful state and I highly recommend everyone go see it. And also take a Glacier cruise, cause wow, that is awesome. but this about the race itself so I will get into that.

The race started at Kincaid Park, which is lovely and has some amazing views. The did a wave start to keep it to 50 people starting at a time, which I am guessing is not the usual way they do it, but it worked, and getting started moved along rather quickly. The course was along a paved trail, the Coastal trail, lovely views lots of green and you also have to be aware, you might run into wildlife. They do have volunteers out to warn and keep people safe, and I did hear that the lead runners had to be rerouted because of a bear, so yeah, be prepped for that if you decide to do this race. At one point the trail turned into a dirt rock trail and it was a drizzly day so I didn’t really enjoy that part. The final .2 miles was also up a very steep hill…not cool. They did mention this was a whole new course this year, so there may be changes going forward, overall I did like the route, just those 2 points were not great.

As for how the race went for, not well. I started out good, first 10 miles I was feeling pretty good, taking it easy to hopefully speed up at the end. But then the side stitches started and just didn’t let up, and then I hit the 2 miles of unpaved trail and just walked it so I didn’t fall and hurt myself. I basically ran walked after that. I finished and I am happy I did, still very happy to be in person racing again and of course traveling cause wholly crap did I miss it, but this a new 2 races in a row that have gone badly, and I am disappointed. Spending the next week going over things and hopefully prepping to have better races in the fall. and of course working with my coach to make a plan. For now I relax, get my body healed, get my new tattoo healed and then start mentally preparing for summer running, cause, it’s gonna be hot.

Another state colored in
for those who wish to see, the latest tattoo

Canaan Valley Half

I finally got to run an in person race, FINALLY. And I got to travel to do it, seriously, what could be better. I got West Virginia checked off my map, and got to finally run with other people.

Canaan Valley is in Davis, WV, and the closest air port is Pittsburgh, and then driving from there to Davis, was a trip. Mostly winding mountain roads going up and down hills, not my favorite, but the trees were very pretty. And the race takes place at a resort, the Canaan Valley Resort. which is beautiful and you get some amazing views, from the hotel and just during the race.

Now, onto the race itself. The race was split over 2 days, so I picked Saturday, this was a really nice idea to not have everyone crowding around. We did have to face cover when waiting to take off and took off in waves of 50 every 5 minutes. Once we were past the start line, we could remove our face covers. Now, to note, this course is not the same course they will use next year, this was to keep in line with covid protocols. The race started going right up hill, for the first I would say 1/2 mile, and after that the hills did not stop. This was a loopy out and back course and you basically repeated it to complete the half. My legs were not having it, my whole body was not having it, so even though I was hoping to PR, it didn’t happen. I did run mostly alone, there were always some people around, but never really any huge crowds. Overall, I think the race did a really great job of dealing with EVERYTHING (waves vaguely at world) I never felt un safe, and they still kept it light and fun. The race announcer was awesome and a local from MA, so cool in my book. While I was not happy with my time, I was just happy to finally race again, and now I know, I will race again, and I will work on that PR another time.

If you are looking for a race in WV, I would recommend this one, you can stay at the resort and never have to drive anywhere, I walked right out the resort door to the start line. The restaurants were very good too. Do be prepared for hills, driving and running, but it is a beautiful race with tons of great views so it is worth it.

Also sorry this took so long to post, been pretty busy

State 30 will be…

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Not what I was expecting for state 30, but gotta get to all of them. I will be running the Fargo Half Marathon on September 25th.

Excited to hopefully be at 31 states by the end of 2021. Obviously that could change, but so far it is looking good.

If you want to join me, at any of the distances, use code RUN5 to save $5

Link to register is https://fargomarathon.com/

Review: Whitepaw RunMitts

Disclaimer: I received Whitepaw RunMitts to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find, and write race reviews!”

Do you live in an area with a harsh winter, you know, regularly gets below freezing with windchills making it even colder? Do you also have to go outside in that weather, be it running, or walking, or just have to go to the grocery store. Then you need to get yourself a pair of Whitepaw RunMitts.

I got the wind and water resistant ones but you could get the double velour fleece ones or the lightweight ones, depending on your hand warming needs. These are thumbless, which was odd at first, but man, it really helps keep your hands warm. They do fold over, so if you need to use your hand, it is very easy to do.

So super easy to still get to your watch, or phone if you need to.

I wore mine on some of the coldest and windiest days in February, like -10 windchill days and my hands would sweat, that’s how warm they were.

They are super soft, very comfy, they do come in sizes, I have VERY small hands and wear a small, so I would size up if you are not like me with the tiny hands.

Whitepaw RunMitts is also a women owned/black owned business and she is a baseball fan (that may matter only to me but hey, had to mention) so it is a great company to support. I have heard from non running friends who have bought these and claim this is the warmest their hands have been, so hey, you don’t need to be a runner to want these.

Go to https://runmitts.com/ to purchase them, and use code BIBRAVE5 to save $5. (Good until March 31st 2021) She sells other things as well, so purchase some other stuff while you are there too.

Crazy Hair Don’t Care

Not a whole lot going on in my running work, still training for Canaan Valley Half and it still is going to happen so fingers crossed that stays. I figured I would write a little bit about non running life.

So in late May, my company let us know that we would never be going back into the office. They were moving to smaller building and anyone who had been working from home was going to stay that way. We will have hot desks so that if we need to go in, we have a place to work but that’s about it. So I decided…I will never have a natural hair color again.

Now before you say I am having a mid life crisis…I might be…but really I have wanted fun colored hair since I was a teen, but the parents said no, and then I got office jobs and fun colored hair is frowned upon there. Well, now I no longer need to worry about the office, I mean hey, I currently spend my days in sweatshirts and sweat pants so having purple or blue hair won’t matter much.

First thing I did was rainbow hair, it was cool, but I was mostly still blonde.

This did get me into the idea of just doing my whole head a fun color though, so next up was purple…

pretty cool right?? I loved it, and it actually faded to a pretty cool pinky purple.

Last week…I went BLUE

it is so fun and cool, but let me tell you, when you was your hair, it looks like to just drowned a bunch of smurfs.

So that is the evolution so far, currently planning what the next color may be. Also I plan on letting whatever that is fade a bit in the summer, as I do enjoy swimming and fun colors and chlorine don’t really work well together. This really has brought me some joy in this not so joyful Covid times.

If you have any fun color ideas for me, let me know, always willing to take suggestions.

And I hope you have all found something to bring you some joy in this less then joyful times.

I also, want to give a huge shout out to my Hair Stylist Nicole Chaput who owns Colour Queen salon in Westborough, she really does an amazing job

Races finally scheduled (UPDATE 2)

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So, a couple races are finally booked and scheduled.

Signed up for my birthday race, Anchorage Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon, which will be on June 19th. Super excited to get up to Alaska and explore and run a full, since I haven’t run a full since November 2019. Gotta say it was pretty weird seeing the sign up and seeing age on race day of 40. I guess it isn’t all that far away now.

And hey, wanna join me for a birthday marathon or half, you can sign up here https://runsignup.com/Race/AK/Anchorage/MayorsMarathon?remMeAttempt=

I also got to finish my deferral from last year for Urban Bourbon Half Marathon. That will be on October 16th. And they are planning for a full race and after party, and I am pretty pumped about that. If you want to give this race a go, you can sign up here

and use code BIBRAVEUBHM2021 to save 10%

Got another race scheduled….and….the big new….

I’m running a 50k in December, the BMW Dallas Marathon weekend, I will be running on December 12th and I am pretty excited. If you want to join me sign up here rundallas.com

New Races to add…

Fargo Half Marathon on September 25th Excited to get North Dakota checked off the map


and I have a discount code for this one as well RUN5 saves you $5

And one more, and I think this will be it for 2021, but who knows

Doing the East Bay 5k on June 6th in my home state of RI for my 40th Birthday celebration



Disclaimer: I promoted Urban Bourbon Half Marathon as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!”

We all knew 2021 wouldn’t run smoothly, things would still be a little bit in flux and of course that continues with racing. I had signed up for the Little Rock Half, alas, they have had to move it to November, and with my winter race plans, it wouldn’t be doable for me ,so I have decided to defer it to 2022, which will actually work nicely with my 2022 race plans, yes, I already have races booked, thanks 2020.

So I have decided to try another Spring race, and hope it happens, the Canaan Valley Half in WV. So a state not checked off yet, and they have a good plan in place to hopefully get this race done. I am so looking forward to racing in person, I really do hope this happens in April, but if I need to , I will adjust again, it is all I can do.

Other racing news, looks like registration for Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon in Alaska is opening on February 1st, so I will be signing up for that soon.

Also, on February 1st, Urban Bourbon Half Registration will open, I deferred from 2020, so I am excited to finally get to KY and run there. Also, by October they should be able to pull off a normal race with a fun bourbon filled after party and man, I am looking forward to that. Also looking forward to meeting so fellow Bibrave Pros and you know, chat with them in person.

I hope 2021 is going as well as it can for you, and if you are from any of the areas I will be visiting, let me know, if you are cool with meeting I would love to.

Back as a Bibrave Pro

Excited to announce that in 2021 I am continuing being a BibRave Pro. Going into my 4th year and hoping to get to some in person races for them this year.

I love testing new products and I love my fellow pros, I even have a few that live near by, and once it is safe, hopefully we can hang out at the local brewery again. Being a Pro does let me have access to a lot of discount codes, for products and for races, and if you want to use any, just click the link above to look them up.

Also, don’t forget to read up on my goals for 2021, hopefully with travel involved.


Peace the eff out 2020

Well, I mean the title says it all, I am very ready for 2021. I will not try to tell you my year has been terrible, it hasn’t, I am very lucky, I still have a job and have been told we are now WFH forever. I love working from home, Rosie loves that I work from home, so this is a win. Lars still has his job, we are both busy and other then no traveling and not being able to see our families much this year wasn’t terrible. Do I miss traveling, of course, do I Miss just being able to see my family yes, but in the scheme of things, I am doing fine.

Before Covid went and ruined everything, I did get to travel a bit. I ran a half in Baton Rouge, LA and actually had a really great race and time there.

Then I got to run the Old Fashioned 10 miler in February and again, had another great race.

And at the end of February I got to go to Texas and see my cousin Garrett get married, which was a lovely time and I am so glad I went.

And that was it for traveling. I did keep up running, did a couple virtual races but that was it. I decided to take October off and rest and now I am back at it. Training for some big goals for 2021, which I will get into later.

Some wins for 2020, I did manage to do one big thing I have always tried and failed at, I finally stopped biting my nails. Being home all the time actually helped with this, as I wasn’t driving and sitting in traffic 5 days week, which would leave me bored and so, would bite my nails. Now if I get bored, I find something else to do, tweet, play phone games, read, clean. So yeah pretty happy about this

Around May, my office decided that almost all office workers, would be work from home permanently, so I made the decision that I would no longer have natural colored hair. So…yeah my hair is purple now and I love it

Now onto plans for 2021…

I also realize all of this could go to shit, I’m not that delusional, but trying to be positive. So, 2021 will be a big birthday year for me, in June, I will turn 40, so I needed some big goals for this year, and hopefully getting vaccinated will be on that list too.

March 7, 2021 – Little Rock Half Marathon (I have signed up for this) I have always wanted the medals they give out for this race, so I signed up. They have a great covid protocol and if it is cancelled, then I can defer to 2022, which is what I prefer, I am done with virtual.

June 19, 2021 – Anchorage Mayors Midnight Sun Marathon (not registered yet) I have been told registration will open in early 2021 so I will sign up then, but I have always wanted to go to Alaska for my 40th and hoping this will happen.

October 16, 2021 – Urban Bourbon Half, deferral from 2020

December: BMW Dallas 50k (not even open to sign up) but I want to do one Ultra and this one seems like a good one all road and get to visit my Aunt in TX. I know this is a repeat state, but I wanted to do an ultra for my 40th year and this race meets the criteria I want.

I do want to get some PRs in 2021, so I will continue working with my very awesome coach Kristen from findyourstridecoaching.com and hopefully see those lower numbers in 2021. Excited to get back to a “normal” life and travel again, and hopefully see some new and old running friends out there.

I send love to everyone who has had a rough 2020, I hope 2021 brings you peace and joy