Philadelphia Marathon Recap

Well, the Philadelphia Marathon is done and I SET A NEW PR!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sorry had to shout there.  I ran a 4:59:17 marathon, I was going for 5 hours so this is spot on.  I am so very happy with how everything went, from training to the night before to the race itself.  I will go in to more details now.

Training:  I decided to do a sub 4 hour marathon training plan through runkeeper.  I had used the just finish one for the previous marathon and I wanted to make the training a bit harder this time so hopefully I could improve.  I knew I would not do it in under 4 hours, but hey, best to push yourself.  I only missed one training session and overall my training went very well and I kept improving my half marathon times so I figured I would be good to set my goal at 5 hours.

Race weekend:  My BF and I drove down on Friday so that way we could check out the city (neither of us had been to Philly before) and that was smart, we got to walk around Philly Friday night and just be tourists, it was so much fun.  Saturday we went to the expo and got my bib, then did some more touristy stuff like check out the liberty bell and Lars got a cheese steak.  That night we went to an awesome Italian place, Fratelli’s (I highly recommend it) I drank TONS of water, and ate some great pasta and bread.  Then we went back to the hotel, I got my stuff all ready and then we went to bed.

Got up early Sunday morning, got a small breakfast in me, then headed out to downtown Philly.  Security was slow to get through, but that was the only issue.  Bag check was super quick, and plenty of

.  I was able to find my 5 hour pacers and got myself set with them.  The corrals worked great and we were not all stuffed together and got off reasonably fast.  I got to see Lars at the beginning and at the half way point, which is fantastic.  My pacers were great, super supportive, funny, and made sure we were going to get it before 5 hours.  The race itself is so nice, you get to go through almost all the neighborhoods, see some super views and historic things.  Only 2 hills, and they are from miles 7 – 10 so done super early.  This race was just great and I am so happy with everything.  I highly recommend this Marathon if you are looking to do one.

Well, Philly is done, next up……Boston




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