Lowell’s 1st Day Run

It’s been a bit cold in my neck of the woods, like, haven’t had a cold snap this bad since 1918 cold (god I was hoping to never hear that year again).

Yes WTForecast

I signed up for the 10k of this race a few months ago, not knowing I would be living in a frozen tundra, luckily they allowed everyone who wanted to, switch to the 5k so I did that.  This morning was 4 degrees with a wind chill of -12, not fun.  But I signed up, so I am going to run.  I layered up, and I also found myself some great new mittens (Target) and was ready to go.  The race starts and ends at the Lowell Elk’s and thank god the place is HUGE so we could all fit in it.  They gave you your medal up front as they didn’t want anyone just standing outside (too dangerous) Thankfully Lars came with me (have I mentioned he is the FREAKEN BEST) so he could hold my swag.  The race start was a bit rough as the chute was pretty much all ice, but once on the road, no ice.  There were cars though, and no one really to direct them (again too cold for people to stand around) so that was rough, but I get it.  The race itself is fairly flat, and probably has some decent views but it hurt too much to look up into the wind, so I didn’t really get to see much.  The finish is the same area as the start so, icy again.  But safely made it across, and finished in 33:33 (hey I should play that) I mean, I wasn’t expecting any speed today, I am just happy I ran the entire thing and didn’t die.

I hope I can do this race next year and that we will have normal winter temps so I can really get a better feel for it.  But I would still recommend it, just not at the temps I ran it in lol.

Well January race is done, one month down, 6 more to go.

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