Are you a Stats nerd

Then you need to get yourself on Athlinks.  What’s Athlinks you say, a great site where you can get all your race info in one place.  Yes, I said all your races, now you won’t have to go searching on all the race websites to find your stats. And you don’t need to keep a spreadsheet of all the races you have done.  You can just use this site.

Just go to and sign up, (like any other site)

They will then look up your stats for you.  This may take a while, depending on how many races you have done and your name (if you have a common name) then you just need to sift through and accept the races that are yours.  Boom, all the races you have done in one place with all your times, it’s great.

You can also add in races you are planning to do

You just have to search for the race IMG_20180523_095822_881

once you find the race, then you just have to add yourself to the start line


Make sure you select the distance you are running (if there is more then 1)


and then you are added, and you can also put in the goal time you might have for the race.


Once you complete the race, you can add in your race time, and then give it about 1 -2 weeks for the official time to get to Athlinks, once it does, you will be notified to accept it and then you do and it is added to your stats

This is a great site to use, and makes keeping track all of your number so easy.


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