San Francisco Vacation

Since this is the first time since 2015 that Lars and I have taken a full vacation, I figured a blog post was needed, just to tell you all about our fun trip.  We did go for me to race, but we did spend 5 days there, the last time we spent more then a weekend anywhere was when we went to Paris.  I would say this trip was a close second to Paris, but it is pretty hard to beat Paris.

We flew over on Thursday May 17th, we had  a lay over in St Louis, ended up in SF around 2pm.  Headed to our hotel, then decided to check out the local area.  And lo and behold we found Ghiradelli Square, lots of restaurants a wine tasting place and of course, CHOCOLATE!!  This was also right near Fisherman’s Warf so we walked down there, got lunch (In and Out Burger) then went to taste some wines.  And well, after being up early flying, the time change, a few glasses of wine had me very drunk, and I ended up signing up for a Wine Club LOL.

The next day we got a tour of Sanoma and Napa.  We were picked up at out hotel, then driven to Cline Winery, had a tasting there, which I enjoyed just about everything, even the reds, and I generally do not like reds.  Then we went to Larson Family Winery, which has vineyard doggies, all Labs and I pet them all, so friendly and cute.  The wines were quite tasty too.  Then onto lunch in Sanoma, which was delicious then some ice cream.  Then onto Napa where we tasted sparking wines at Chandon (can’t call champagne since only wines made in champagne can be called that) I loved the sweet one we had there and I brought a bottle home (we brought 12 bottles home, we like wine) then on our way back to SF, the driver stopped to let us take pics at the Golden Gate Bridge


after that, we went to dinner, then walked up to check out crooked Lombard St32767632_10211598978070352_5633999122341036032_o

Saturday, we went to a Giants game, loved the ball park, and the Giants won, we also had great seats


after the game we went to a local bar, to watch the Celtics get their butts kicked, but still had fun.

Sunday was race day, and I have already blogged about that, you can check that out here.


After the race, we went out to Brunch with some of my local friends, including Alasen who I ran the race with.  Which was so much fun and the food was so good.  Then Lars’ friend Chloe took us on a mini tour of SF, and I FINALLY GOT TO SEE THE FULL HOUSE HOUSE

Whatever happened to predictability 

We also went to the Twin Peaks and got an amazing view of the entire city.  The drove along the coast for a bit and had some yummy crab cakes at a fancy place along the ocean.

Monday….my favorite….Alcatraz


I love History, and I especially love creepy History and Alcatraz has SO much of that.  We took the first cruise to the Island, it is about a 10-15 minute boat ride.  Once you are there, you can stay there pretty much all day if you want.  We went to take the audio tour of the prison, which was great.  You can do it quickly or pause it and take your time checking out the place.  It was a great tour and I learned a lot, and seeing the inside of it was just amazing

After that, we relaxed then went to dinner at Pier 39, and then we got to see ALL THE SEA LIONS and it was so great


it was amazing to see, and they all swim and play and shout at each other.  We then bought some more wine (cause needed to fill that suit case) then packed up and got ready to go home.


This trip was great and I really recommend visiting San Francisco, it is a great city with lots to do and so much wine to drink.  I would go back in a hot second.


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