2018 onto 2019

It’s that time of year, Holidays, New Year, time to go over how 2018 went and what my goals for 2019 are.  Won’t lie I love these posts cause, man, I love planning things, especially travel, and I did lots of that in 2018, hoping to do even more in 2019.

First up, review time.

2018 was not my best running year, I spent a lot of injured, which sucks, I didn’t hit any of my time goals, but alas, it was bound to happen, and while I am disappointed, there isn’t much I could do about it.  I trained as best I could but when your body goes against you, you won’t win that fight.  I have been seeing a great new PT, who is really helping with my hip and leg issues, and I started with a great coach this year, and I will be staying with her cause I know with a healthy body she will very much help me get my time goals in 2019.  One goal I did reach was getting to 5 new places to run a race, I got Alabama, DC, California, Washington and Virginia checked off my map 20181113_181240

I enjoyed all my trips, and you can read all about them in my previous posts.  Heading to the west coast for the first time in my life was so much fun and it was awesome to see such awesome cities in San Francisco and Seattle.  Lars came with me to San Fran and we had such a good time there

Birmingham, DC and Richmond were great too, especially DC, that is easily one of my favorite cities and I would go back all the time if I could.

I also clearly need to take more pics when I travel, oops, another goal for 2019

So now, onto 2019 goals

First up Time goals and their Races
Sub 2 hour half at Run Madtown in Madison, WI

Sub 4:30 full at TBD I am in between 2 races for this The St Jude Memphis Marathon in Memphis, TN or the Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon in Pass Christian, MS (if you have thoughts on either race let me know)

And what will I do to make these goals happen, more strength training, and keep up with my exercises that the PT has taught me, also, listen to my coach and body, I need to be better about the body one, the coach I always listen to lol

Travel goals:
At least 5 new states, and finish off the east coast

So far I have the Charleston Half in Charleston, SC in January , Madtown in WI in May and Baltimore 10 miler in MD in June so for the east coast I just need DE, which I believe I have found in the Blue Hen 5k which is the day after the 10 miler so I can get both states done in one weekend (birthday weekend) and then I will be done with the east coast YAS.  Then I just have to decide on the Full so that will get me either TN or MS.  And I might be considering a half in Arkansas in March, but shall see on that. (it has a glow in the Dark medal I mean, come on)

So that is the summary of 2018 and the goals for 2019.  I am already on my way to working on the 2019 goals, I am pretty excited for what this new year brings and can’t wait to see more new places, I hope I can meet some of you along the way.

Also for those wondering who my coach is, she is Kristen Griffin from Find your Stride Coaching  www.findyourstridecoaching.com



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