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We all knew 2021 wouldn’t run smoothly, things would still be a little bit in flux and of course that continues with racing. I had signed up for the Little Rock Half, alas, they have had to move it to November, and with my winter race plans, it wouldn’t be doable for me ,so I have decided to defer it to 2022, which will actually work nicely with my 2022 race plans, yes, I already have races booked, thanks 2020.

So I have decided to try another Spring race, and hope it happens, the Canaan Valley Half in WV. So a state not checked off yet, and they have a good plan in place to hopefully get this race done. I am so looking forward to racing in person, I really do hope this happens in April, but if I need to , I will adjust again, it is all I can do.

Other racing news, looks like registration for Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon in Alaska is opening on February 1st, so I will be signing up for that soon.

Also, on February 1st, Urban Bourbon Half Registration will open, I deferred from 2020, so I am excited to finally get to KY and run there. Also, by October they should be able to pull off a normal race with a fun bourbon filled after party and man, I am looking forward to that. Also looking forward to meeting so fellow Bibrave Pros and you know, chat with them in person.

I hope 2021 is going as well as it can for you, and if you are from any of the areas I will be visiting, let me know, if you are cool with meeting I would love to.

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