Crazy Hair Don’t Care

Not a whole lot going on in my running work, still training for Canaan Valley Half and it still is going to happen so fingers crossed that stays. I figured I would write a little bit about non running life.

So in late May, my company let us know that we would never be going back into the office. They were moving to smaller building and anyone who had been working from home was going to stay that way. We will have hot desks so that if we need to go in, we have a place to work but that’s about it. So I decided…I will never have a natural hair color again.

Now before you say I am having a mid life crisis…I might be…but really I have wanted fun colored hair since I was a teen, but the parents said no, and then I got office jobs and fun colored hair is frowned upon there. Well, now I no longer need to worry about the office, I mean hey, I currently spend my days in sweatshirts and sweat pants so having purple or blue hair won’t matter much.

First thing I did was rainbow hair, it was cool, but I was mostly still blonde.

This did get me into the idea of just doing my whole head a fun color though, so next up was purple…

pretty cool right?? I loved it, and it actually faded to a pretty cool pinky purple.

Last week…I went BLUE

it is so fun and cool, but let me tell you, when you was your hair, it looks like to just drowned a bunch of smurfs.

So that is the evolution so far, currently planning what the next color may be. Also I plan on letting whatever that is fade a bit in the summer, as I do enjoy swimming and fun colors and chlorine don’t really work well together. This really has brought me some joy in this not so joyful Covid times.

If you have any fun color ideas for me, let me know, always willing to take suggestions.

And I hope you have all found something to bring you some joy in this less then joyful times.

I also, want to give a huge shout out to my Hair Stylist Nicole Chaput who owns Colour Queen salon in Westborough, she really does an amazing job

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