Canaan Valley Half

I finally got to run an in person race, FINALLY. And I got to travel to do it, seriously, what could be better. I got West Virginia checked off my map, and got to finally run with other people.

Canaan Valley is in Davis, WV, and the closest air port is Pittsburgh, and then driving from there to Davis, was a trip. Mostly winding mountain roads going up and down hills, not my favorite, but the trees were very pretty. And the race takes place at a resort, the Canaan Valley Resort. which is beautiful and you get some amazing views, from the hotel and just during the race.

Now, onto the race itself. The race was split over 2 days, so I picked Saturday, this was a really nice idea to not have everyone crowding around. We did have to face cover when waiting to take off and took off in waves of 50 every 5 minutes. Once we were past the start line, we could remove our face covers. Now, to note, this course is not the same course they will use next year, this was to keep in line with covid protocols. The race started going right up hill, for the first I would say 1/2 mile, and after that the hills did not stop. This was a loopy out and back course and you basically repeated it to complete the half. My legs were not having it, my whole body was not having it, so even though I was hoping to PR, it didn’t happen. I did run mostly alone, there were always some people around, but never really any huge crowds. Overall, I think the race did a really great job of dealing with EVERYTHING (waves vaguely at world) I never felt un safe, and they still kept it light and fun. The race announcer was awesome and a local from MA, so cool in my book. While I was not happy with my time, I was just happy to finally race again, and now I know, I will race again, and I will work on that PR another time.

If you are looking for a race in WV, I would recommend this one, you can stay at the resort and never have to drive anywhere, I walked right out the resort door to the start line. The restaurants were very good too. Do be prepared for hills, driving and running, but it is a beautiful race with tons of great views so it is worth it.

Also sorry this took so long to post, been pretty busy

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