Review: Shipyard Old Part Half Marathon

Disclaimer: I received entry into Shipyard Old Port Half Marathon to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!”

So not my first race in Maine, but a state I love to visit and Old Port is one of the most fun cities to visit. So I was very excited to get a run a half there and then, of course go explore the restaurants.

Overall I am happy with how I did in this race, was I hoping for better yes, but once I explain about the race you will understand.

Bib pick up was at the local arena and super easy to find and get in and out of. You could also get your ID checked and get a bracelet so you could quickly get into the after party the next day, which was nice and saved time.

Race morning was lovely, nice cool sunny day. Didn’t stay cool, but that’s what can happen when you run in June. The race took off and we went up a decent hill to start, and I thought well that wasn’t too bad. We then ran on a trail for a good chunk of the beginning of the race, lots of lovely views, but hard to get around or break apart from groups

Around Mile 7 you get back into downtown and I got to see Lars again, who had bought donuts for me, smart man. But then….ooohh the hills started. Around mile 9 going into 10 you start going uphill and I mean, not a rolling hill all sorts of incline. And they really do not stop until Mile 12, yeah, that end of the race was rough and in the end slowed me down. But we did run through a cute neighborhood, still HILLS.

My friend Wil also ran this race and it is always nice to see him

Overall, fun race, great support, plenty of potties, and water stops. The medal and shirt we got were cool. The views for the beginning half of the race are pretty stunning and almost make the hills at the end worth it. Almost

I would still recommend the race, just know, HILLS

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