Little of This…Little of that

So I was going to do a whole post about Berlin, and while I enjoyed the race and it was so great and well done. Berlin and Munich was a trip I have wanted to take since I was a teen, and the history of both places is just stunning and it is so amazing to see a country that doesn’t hide their history. And really that is all I would want to talk about lol.

As I did say the Race was amazing, and heck I ran with the current World Record holder. It was well set up, plenty of portopotties, great crowds, super flat and YOU FINISH RUNNING THROUGH BRANDENBURG GATE, which is the absolute coolest. Also, 2 big things Berlin offered that the other Majors I have done didn’t. Free Subway from Thursday to Monday for all runners and showers in the finish area, both super awesome and I now want both at all races.

So now that I have told you about that, it is time to get into 2023 and next year will be about checking off states, and I already have state 34 and State 35 booked.

State 34 will be Rock and Roll Half in Phoenix, AZ

if you want to join me, use this link

State 35 will be the Indy Mini in Indianapolis, IN

and if you want to join me, use this link

Very excited to get to more of the USA and continue with my goal of running a race in all 50 states, hope to see and meet you while I am out and about.


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