Charleston Half Marathon

I went into this race not expecting much, I wasn’t sure how my hip would hold up as I hadn’t run more then 5 miles since my marathon.  My coach gave me a plan to run for 90 minutes and if after that I needed to run walk that would be fine, to just go with how I felt after that.  Well I ran that 90 minutes, and then I just kept running, and I ran the whole thing, no walk breaks other then going through the water stops, and I felt AMAZING, other then being the normal sore, I am in no pain, felt no pain while running and man was that AWESOME.  I finished in 2:39, totally not even close to my PR but after last year and having to walk every half I did this was a total win, and has me feeling really good about my goals for this year, I feel like I have my running mojo back and man am I excited to race the rest of 2019.

Now more about the race overall.  Charleston is a really cute city, and I would recommend a visit, especially in January, where it is 50 degrees there while it is 12 here.  The expo was easy to get to and navigate, it was a small one, but still had some cool things to see.  Bib pick up and swag pick up was easy and smooth, and after that I went into downtown to have some lunch (Charleston has some amazing food)

Race morning, was a cool morning (for the area) but a sweatshirt was good for me over my running stuff.  The race starts near a school and the school was open for runners to go in sit in to stay warm, which was really nice.  The marathon takes off first, at 7:15, then the half takes off at 7:30 there are pacers for both races, so I set myself with the 2:45 pacers to make sure I didn’t take off.  Once the race gets going , you immediately turn right and start running around the Citadel, which was really cool.  Then you head towards the coast and you run right along the ocean with all the beautiful old big houses and palm trees, it was so gorgeous and I wish I could live there.  Then you get to run on King St which is like the shopping district of the area, and where I had lunch the day before.  After that you head into a industrial area, not pretty, but it wasn’t terrible and the group with the 2:45 pacers was a fun group and we were having some great chats, made the miles go by faster.  There is one hill (yes one) to go over a bridge, around mile 10, wasn’t too big but a little challenge.  Then you head into the Naval Yard where the race finishes, and you finish is small park.  You get an awesome medal (it’s huge and sparkly) and then you get SHRIMP AND GRITS YAAAAAAAAAAS PLEASE and they were tasty, I very much enjoyed that.  You also get 2 free beers, but I didn’t partake of those.


Overall, I really liked this race, it is flat and fast, it’s well run and put together and they have great perks that other races don’t have (shrimp and grits).  The race shirt is really nice and I wore it on my run this morning and the medal is great.  So if you want a race to run in SC, I recommend this one, smaller race so not huge crowds but sometimes that is nice.

So state 21 is done and dusted, and now I only have 2 states left on the east coast, MD and DE, I am having trouble getting a race for DE on June 2nd, so if you know of a 5k or 10k on that day let me know thanks.20190114_185427


New Bedford Half Marathon

Sorry I am behind on this recap, been pretty busy lately, lots of travel, and oh yeah, I got a promotion at work.  All good things, but now to tell you about a race I ran 2 weeks ago.

I was not going to race this race, I am not half marathon race trained at all, but wanted to do better then I did in Alabama.  Knew going into the day that it was going to be VERY COLD, because Mother Nature has decided she does not like us in New England and just decided to keep winter going.  The race started at 11, so at least it was later and the sun was out, but it was about 20 degrees at the start with a whipping wind, so felt more like 12 degrees, nice right, makes you want to live here right?  Anyways, race started and I felt good, actually managed to start off slow, which I almost never do, and was feeling good.  Went over the first hill and I was still feeling good, I was heading into Mile 5, where I knew I would see Lars again (bless him for standing in that weather, he really does love me) and I looked at my watch to see how close I was to 5 and realized I was running a 10:30 pace, GODDAMN.  I got through 5 and was feeling so damn good, was sticking with a 10:30 to 10:35 pace and was super happy with that.  Got to mile 7 and saw a local friend, got a hug from her, and then I was onto the water views, awesome right, NOPE, SO MUCH WIND and then, the pace dropped, and dropped fast.  The wind was like running in to a moving wall that was just pushing me backwards.  My pace dropped to about a 12 and at times a 12:30, I got through the mile 10 water stop where a volunteer told me I was almost back in town and the wind would die down.  He was right, but I was toast after that.  I did manage to run a bit faster but not much and my awesome pace was done.  I finished at 2:29:42, which is so much better than Alabama and even better then NC.  So I am pleased with that.

The race itself is nice, it’s a smaller race, but lots of people out along the course, and tons of cops and volunteers.  I enjoyed it, even with the super cold weather.  Would I do it again?? Maybe, but knowing how Marches have been the past few years, I may stick to running away from the water and wind.

Next up, is the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in DC, super excited to visit DC again and run in my favorite US history City.  Hopefully it is warmer

Why you should run Rhode Races Newport

Disclaimer: I’m promoting Rhode Race Newport as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

  1. Newport, it’s amazing place to visit.  Beautiful ocean views, great restaurants and you can check out the Tennis Hall of Fame.  If you do sign up for the race, make sure to make a weekend of it so you check out this great place
  2. Daffadillion kicks off after the race, I mean, who doesn’t want to check out beautiful flowers and welcome spring to New England, cause man, we have missed it
  3. RI Brewers Guild will be sponsoring the beer tent, and will have local craft beers for you to try.  Something for everyone, which is way better then just one beer
  4. Newport Storm is hosting the bib pick up. MORE BEER
  5. Pieszoni’s is bringing the delicious pizza, and I love me some pizza after a run

Prices are going up on 3/1 so get over to and sign up and use code BIBRAVE to save 10%.  Also, if you maybe plan on running some more of the Rhode Races, you can get a really really sweet medal 28055753_2037001923251592_4765998147771341997_n

Mercedes Benz Half

Race recap time

So I picked the Mercedes Benz Half to be my Alabama race in my goal to run a race in all 50 states.  And let me tell you, it was a good pick.  It is a nice mid sized race, let me tell you about it.

When I signed up for the race, the race recommend the 2 race hotels, The Westin or The Sheraton.  I chose the The Westin, a very nice hotel and about a 5 minute walk from the race start and finish.  Plenty of restaurants nearby and you can easily walk into Birmingham.  The weekend I was there it rained all weekend, so I didn’t get to explore much, but I did get to check out the city a bit and it is a nice place.  I also got a race discount with the hotel, which is always nice.

The expo was a smaller one, but nice.  Very easily got my bib and swag, and they even had the shirt switch right near by just in case you picked a size too small or big.  There were some shops there, so I scoped it out, and of course bought myself a race sweatshirt, because I have an addiction to sweatshirts.  The building where the expo is located has many venues in it, so it’s a bit hard to figure out where to go, but the people who work there are super nice and helpful.

The race was great, again, 5 minute walk from my hotel.  It is a self seed race, I HATE SELF SEED but it’s a smaller race so I get it, but seriously people, if you are going to walk, don’t start with the 10 minute runners, come on now.  The race is hilly, but nothing crazy, and you go through all of Birmingham, which is so cool.  You run by some Historical things and through many of the neighborhoods, and it really is a beautiful course.  The half and full run together until about mile 11 where they split off.  There are plenty of signs to let you know.  Also, plenty of water stops, and plenty of gatorade too.  The volunteers were great and the local police did amazing job directing traffic, I even saw one cop doing push ups with some runners.

I didn’t go to the afterparty, it was rainy, and I didn’t feel great so I just went back to my hotel.  I did get a finisher towel after the race and the medal is so cool27908378_10210930335674710_9147913496578159221_o

There was not a ton of crowd support, but it was a rainy weekend so I chalk it up to that. But Birmingham itself seems to love the race and there were still some people out cheering us on.

I would highly recommend this race, especially if you are not into huge races, it a nice sized race, but nothing overwhelming and it is so well run, everything was so smooth and easy.  If you want to run in Alabama, run this race.

For Those About to Rock

Disclaimer: I received free entry to Rock and Roll Seattle 1/2 marathon as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

GUYS, I am so excited, I am running my very first Rock and Roll race and even better, I am running in State I haven’t run in yet, Washington.  So in June I will be flying from Boston to Seattle to run a race in a new to me city.  I have always wanted to run a Rock and Roll race, they just look like so much fun, I mean, who doesn’t like having live music while you run.  And the Seattle race runs near the Football Stadium so that will be super cool (hoping I can Tour the baseball stadium after)

I can’t wait for all of you to ready about the journey to get across the country to run a race.  I am so super excited.

And hey, if you want to join me, you can use code RNRBRP2018 to save $15 off the full or half marathon.


Year End Wrap up and New Years Goals

So I usually do a couple posts, but I figured why not just mush these into one post, and I mean, most of you know how 2017 went, so it will just be a quick overview.  This Holiday season is just so much better then last year, we were moving New Years weekend, so couldn’t put up decorations, this year, ALL THE DECORATIONS

it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Anyways, onto running stuff, this year started out great, training for Flying Pig went well, I did fall once, but hey, I run in the dark, was bound to happen.  And at Flying Pig I set a new Marathon PR, took a break, then tried to train to run a sub 2 hour half and my body noped that real quick.  I am not back to running after getting my hip back in order.  Right now I run 3 days a week and cross train 3 I am also building up my mileage and hope to run 8 miles this Saturday.  Going to finish up the year like this, just get my legs used to running long again, man did I miss it, so glad to be back.

Now, what you are really here for…..2018 GOALS!!!

So for the first half of the year, I am running for FUN, no speed goals, no new distances, but I am traveling, and hoping to hit up at least 4 new states.  So far I have AL, and CA booked (my first trip to the West Coast) and I’m pretty excited about it.  I plan on running mostly halves but they won’t all be, (CA is Bay to Breakers which is a 12k) I’m excited to fun run for a while and travel and see new places, this is going to be so fun.

Second half of 2018, Marathon, with a goal of finishing in 4:30, now what Marathon I will run is still up in the air.  I want to get into one, but we will see and I will only tell you if I do get in.  If not that one, then I have a few backups.  I am considering getting a coach for this goal, as I know this will be a big test.  But I have time to consider this and hoping to be making that decision by July.

Over all, I am feeling good, and ready to get 2018 going.  First race in New Years Day in Lowell, maybe I will see some of you there, maybe I will meet some of you in my travels.  I hope everyone who reads this has an amazing Holiday Season with lots of love and I hope your 2018 is amazing.

Southern Fried Half

I usually don’t theme a race, they generally have their own.  But the training for this race was just so bad, and in memory of the great Tom Petty, I made the theme of this race, I Won’t Back Down.  And you know what, I didn’t

You all know about my hip issues and being sick, I was hoping this would be my try at a sub 2 hour half, but my body just said no to that.  I have written posts about it, so I won’t go into it again.  But I was able to run the whole thing and I finished in 2 hours and 30 minutes, so I happy and I know I can run again.

Getting to the Outer Banks was not bad easy flight, easy drive.  I will say, in the off season, this place is pretty quiet, but still really pretty.  We stayed at Shutters on the Banks and I would highly recommend that hotel, very nice and great prices, and they have an indoor pool and hot tub WIN.  There are tons of other hotels as well.  There are plenty of places to eat, my favorites were Black Pelican, Kill Devil Grill and Outer Banks Brewing Station.  We also checked out were the Wright Bros took their first flight, that was really cool, and I would recommend that as well.

The expo was small, but nice plenty of cool things to buy and bib pick up was easy.  Race morning, drop off was easy, Lars was able to drop me off then head off to get his coffee with only a few detours and then head to the finish line.  This is a point to point race, so for those he usually just hangs at the finish line.  They had us in corrals that were not over crowded, I could totally move around and even get some last minute stretches in.  The race is overall pretty flat, there is not a lot of crowd support, but people were out cheering us on.  Plenty of water stations and tons of portapotties.  Then at mile 9 you start to go up the bridge, the bridge from hell.  Such a long steep hill, holy crap but once you are over and down, it’s all flat again.  The finish line in Matteo is so nice, and it is such a cute little town.  There was music and all sorts of food and drink, a really nice after party.  They had shuttles for everyone to get you back to your car and then getting back to the hotel (after a stop at Duck Donuts GO THERE) was pretty smooth.

Overall I liked the race and enjoyed my time on the Outer Banks. I would recommend anyone to visit it, even if you don’t race, just a cool area.  And this makes state 16 done in my quest to run the 50.23591995_10210296584111317_747950760469316964_o

Craft Classic Atlanta

So what is it like to run a half marathon with a head cold?  Let me tell you, it sucks.  I had planned out this race a while ago, and was so excited to visit my friend Jamie in Atlanta.  I had even gotten myself a Patriots Super Bowl Champs shirt, cause well, it’s Atlanta and I’m a bit evil.  But then the Tuesday before the race I started to get a scratchy throat, then the coughing started and then the sneezing.  I got both training runs before the race short to hopefully feel a bit better for the race.  Did it work, nope.  Flew down to Atlanta on Friday, went a got my bib had a lovely lunch with Jamie.  The relaxed at home with her, went to bed fairly early and slept great.  Woke up race morning, coughing even more, FUN TIMES.  But I wasn’t going to not run, I figured I would just have to slow down and all would be ok.  And for most of the race it was, I was going a slow pace but felt good and was enjoying the race.  The parts of Atlanta we ran through was beautiful and I love seeing a new city while running, just so nice.  Then, at about mile 8, my heart started to feel like it was going to beat out of my chest.  I thought I was going to pass out, so I started to walk, then I would run, then walk again.  That was scary, but I knew I had to slow down, so I just kept run walking until the end.  I finished, with a time slower then my first half, but I finished.  Then Jamie took me to a great breakfast place and I started to feel better.

This week I have still been somewhat sick, so my running has been slow or non at all.  Hoping to feel better next week so I can get back to my speedwork cause I gotta get the sub 2 hour half.

Next race is the Smuttynose 5k in Hampton Beach, NH, hoping to run a sub 25 minute 5k.  21551789_10209864380546498_6100694955006233564_o

2:12: – 1:59

What do those numbers mean?  2:12 is my current half marathon PR, 1:59 is my goal for November.  I started training this week, and so far it has gone well.  But I won’t lie, this goal scares the shit out of me.  I know this training is going to be hard, running 7 steady miles between 9:30 to 10 per mile today was hard.  I know the speed work and longer runs with speed will be hard.  I know this will all be so hard, but I want to do it, I want to get faster, I want to get better at running.

When I started out running, it was just trying to finish, that was hard, but I did it, and I got better at it.  Now I keep trying to get faster at all distances, this coming Saturday I will be trying to run a sub hour 10k at Beach to Beacon, but the big goal, the hard goal is a sub 2 hour half.  I am going to work hard, run hard and do all I can to make this happen.  As my new a tattoo says, “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough”, this dream/goal is scary as fuck, but I will do all I can to make to happen.18623446_10209021333390846_7459238300137314658_o

Updating on my goals

So to start, a reminder of what my goals for 2017 were/are:

1:  Run a 4:50 or better marathon at the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati.
I ran a 4:53:54 in Chicago, and while the Pig has hills, I think I can improve my time with better training and of course, I live in a valley full of hills, I can do this

2: Run a Sub 2 hour half
I don’t have the exact race picked out yet, but I am eyeing 2, and they are both in November so that will be my big fall goal

3: Run a sub hour 10k at the BAA 10k
This is in June and a very flat race, I was just a little over an hour this year so getting just under should be doable.

4: Run a 25 minute 5k at the PawSox 5k
I ran this in 27 minutes this year so I have to shave 2 minutes off, while this will be tough, I know if I do the speed work I can do it and hopefully that gets me to place in my age group.

now to update:

1: COMPLETED, I ran a 4:44:19 at the Flying Pig so I smashed my goal, and I enjoyed myself even though I thought I was going to die at many points during the race

2: On going, I have signed up for the race and booked the hotel, training starts at the end of July

3: The race is Sunday, I hoping to get it done, but if I can’t, I have another 10k, Beach to Beacon in August and I will try again there

4: I found the race for this, finally, The Smuttynose Rock Fest in Hampton Beach, NH.  should be a nice flat 5k to rock a PR and that is October 1st.


I also wanted to update the upcoming race list, just in case anyone wants to come and cheer me on

June 25 – BAA 10k – Boston, MA

July 15 – Run To Homebase – Boston, MA

July 22 – DMSE 5 and Dime – Andover, MA (you can run this too use code BIBRAVE2017 to save $5)

August 5 – Beach to Beacon – Cape Elizabeth, ME

September 9 – Craft Classic – Atlanta, GA

November 12 – Southern Fried Half – Outer Banks, NC

(these are the races I have bought and paid for, I have more coming, I just haven’t or can’t sign up for them yet)

I hope to see some on you out there, either cheering or running with me, and I hope you are all kicking but at your goals in 2017.goals