Do things that scare you

I have a tattoo on my wrist that says “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough”  Taking up running scared me, running my first half scared me, running my first marathon scared the ever living shit out of me, but I did them, and I am better for it.  Everyone who reads the blog knows that my big running goal is to run a race in every state, and so far, I have been pretty lucky, either being able to travel with Lars, or to travel to a place where someone I know, lives.  Well this couldn’t continue, as I have WAY more vacation time then Lars and I don’t know a person in every single state, and I can’t always guarantee people want to lodge me, dealing with an early morning runner isn’t always peoples cup of tea.  So this weekend I did something that scared me, I traveled alone.  I picked the Mercedes Benz Half to be my race for Alabama.  Lars could not come (we do have travel planned and booked already) and I don’t know anyone who lives in AL.  I sucked it up, and booked it, flew alone (nothing new there, though I hate flying) but I stayed in a city I don’t know, alone.  I picked a hotel near the race and near many restaurants so I wouldn’t have to go to far.  And when I did travel about, I did it during the day, or I used Lyft.  Overall, I have had a great time.  The weather has been pretty crappy so I didn’t get to see much (I don’t want to walk in the rain and taking a lyft everywhere is a tad pricey) I did walk around yesterday and explored the History of the area (History is my favorite thing) and I have tried some local eateries (local food is always the best) The race today took me through some new places, so that was cool and I got to see some more Historical landmarks.

Traveling alone isn’t so bad, I know as a single woman, I have to be careful and I am.  I didn’t want to talk about it until I had actually traveled for that reason.  I do miss Lars, and having someone to talk to at dinner and someone waiting for me at the finish line, but I do enjoy having a king sized bed to myself #sorrynotsorry .  I had a great time here and would recommend people come and visit the city.  I will do a race recap later this week, but I recommend the race too.  It’s amazing how much fun you can have when you choose to do something that scares you.  And here is to more adventures, I am pretty excited