Crazy Hair Don’t Care

Not a whole lot going on in my running work, still training for Canaan Valley Half and it still is going to happen so fingers crossed that stays. I figured I would write a little bit about non running life.

So in late May, my company let us know that we would never be going back into the office. They were moving to smaller building and anyone who had been working from home was going to stay that way. We will have hot desks so that if we need to go in, we have a place to work but that’s about it. So I decided…I will never have a natural hair color again.

Now before you say I am having a mid life crisis…I might be…but really I have wanted fun colored hair since I was a teen, but the parents said no, and then I got office jobs and fun colored hair is frowned upon there. Well, now I no longer need to worry about the office, I mean hey, I currently spend my days in sweatshirts and sweat pants so having purple or blue hair won’t matter much.

First thing I did was rainbow hair, it was cool, but I was mostly still blonde.

This did get me into the idea of just doing my whole head a fun color though, so next up was purple…

pretty cool right?? I loved it, and it actually faded to a pretty cool pinky purple.

Last week…I went BLUE

it is so fun and cool, but let me tell you, when you was your hair, it looks like to just drowned a bunch of smurfs.

So that is the evolution so far, currently planning what the next color may be. Also I plan on letting whatever that is fade a bit in the summer, as I do enjoy swimming and fun colors and chlorine don’t really work well together. This really has brought me some joy in this not so joyful Covid times.

If you have any fun color ideas for me, let me know, always willing to take suggestions.

And I hope you have all found something to bring you some joy in this less then joyful times.

I also, want to give a huge shout out to my Hair Stylist Nicole Chaput who owns Colour Queen salon in Westborough, she really does an amazing job

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

I have seen this quote in many places, and I always loved it, always believed it too.  I never try to compare myself to others, I am my own person, and I handle life and running in my own way that works for me.  Up until last year, everything had gone pretty well in the running and life dept, and then it just didn’t and that’s when I realized, that you also shouldn’t compare yourself to your past self.

I started out 2018 injured and I should have listened to my body and just taken it slow, and just raced for fun (that whole 50 states thing requires racing to still happen if it can) but nope, I had to push, cause I had to top my PRs, I had to get better, and I couldn’t be complacent, always gotta improve on previous me. All this didn’t work, and I would get so down on myself, and then, I would eat, and not my normal healthy foods, I would eat junk and lots of it, and then my running would still not improve, cause of course it wouldn’t.  Eating works with running, and you have to eat good food to get your body to run at it’s best.  I just wasn’t and I would make all the excuses for it, but I didn’t want to change, I was enjoying all the candy and cookies and hey I was still running so it all worked out.  NOPE.  Then I started training for the marathon and got a great coach, but a coach can’t save you from yourself and she couldn’t slap the candy out of my hands.  I trained and it mostly went well, and then I got hurt again, cause of course I did.  I wasn’t eating right and totally not listening to my body at all, and it all blew up  in Richmond.

After Richmond, I sat with myself, and knew I had to stop running and go to PT and really get my hips right.  I also needed to stop with the junk and the excuses to eat them. I also needed to realize that every year is different and I am getting older so I can’t compare what is happening now to my younger self, that will never lead to happiness.  So I have been eating MUCH better, and my running is feeling great.  I am also working more strength training in to make sure my body stays healthy.  And while I do hope to get new PRs this year, I will listen to my body and if I need to step back, then that is what I need. Overall life and running are feeling much better in 2019, and I hope to keep it up, but 2019 is 2019 and not 2017 or 2016 and that is ok, I will no longer compare, because I would prefer to just be happy.

Year End Wrap up and New Years Goals

So I usually do a couple posts, but I figured why not just mush these into one post, and I mean, most of you know how 2017 went, so it will just be a quick overview.  This Holiday season is just so much better then last year, we were moving New Years weekend, so couldn’t put up decorations, this year, ALL THE DECORATIONS

it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Anyways, onto running stuff, this year started out great, training for Flying Pig went well, I did fall once, but hey, I run in the dark, was bound to happen.  And at Flying Pig I set a new Marathon PR, took a break, then tried to train to run a sub 2 hour half and my body noped that real quick.  I am not back to running after getting my hip back in order.  Right now I run 3 days a week and cross train 3 I am also building up my mileage and hope to run 8 miles this Saturday.  Going to finish up the year like this, just get my legs used to running long again, man did I miss it, so glad to be back.

Now, what you are really here for…..2018 GOALS!!!

So for the first half of the year, I am running for FUN, no speed goals, no new distances, but I am traveling, and hoping to hit up at least 4 new states.  So far I have AL, and CA booked (my first trip to the West Coast) and I’m pretty excited about it.  I plan on running mostly halves but they won’t all be, (CA is Bay to Breakers which is a 12k) I’m excited to fun run for a while and travel and see new places, this is going to be so fun.

Second half of 2018, Marathon, with a goal of finishing in 4:30, now what Marathon I will run is still up in the air.  I want to get into one, but we will see and I will only tell you if I do get in.  If not that one, then I have a few backups.  I am considering getting a coach for this goal, as I know this will be a big test.  But I have time to consider this and hoping to be making that decision by July.

Over all, I am feeling good, and ready to get 2018 going.  First race in New Years Day in Lowell, maybe I will see some of you there, maybe I will meet some of you in my travels.  I hope everyone who reads this has an amazing Holiday Season with lots of love and I hope your 2018 is amazing.

6 Years

6 Years ago I got married, I have mentioned it before, it didn’t work out.  We had been together a while, even lived together for a few years, but were only married a year and a half.  I didn’t go into it hoping it would end, I didn’t want it to, I tried my best to make sure it didn’t.  But alas, it wasn’t good enough, and from what I have gained in experience since, I wasn’t ever going to be good enough for him.  And you know what, I don’t care anymore.  I am good enough, I am pretty damn awesome, and I now have a guy who agrees, and treats me with the love a respect I deserve, and of course, I treat him as such (relationships are a 2 way street)  This day will always hurt a little, I can’t lie about that, but in the end, I learned, I learned to never bend my ways to make myself, someone else, to try to not be who I am just to make someone happy, cause then I won’t be happy and it will all blow up in the end anyways.  Life is always giving you lessons, some hurt like a bitch, this was one of those.  But in the end I am better for it

Sometimes, it’s ok to Fail

So, I wrote a post a couple weeks back about my fail at the BAA 10k, and I got a lot of feed back of, but hey you finished and you should still be proud.  First off, thank you, I appreciate the support, but I want you all to know, it’s ok to fail and I am ok with it.  First off, not all races are going to go well, I run so many, some are just going to suck, and that is ok.  I am also not going to lie about it and pretend running is always sunshine and rainbow farts, cause it’s just not.  Sometimes it is really hard, sometimes is just totally kicks your ass, and you have to step back and reevaluate.

Every race, even the good ones, have their own little fails and you know what, they teach you something, it can be as simple as, well don’t drink alcohol before a race (duh) to, learning how much water you really need for a race.  All my races have taught me something about races and running and how to prepare and how to survive them.  I try to remember all those things and put them into practice for the next set of races.  Nothing is ever going to go perfectly smoothly and you just have to go with it and learn from it and that is what I do with my fail races.

I love running, it has saved me and everyday it makes me happy, and the fails that come with it just help me get better at it.  So when I say I failed at a race, don’t worry, I have had my sad angry moment about it but I am ok, and I have learned what caused the failure and I will fix it next time.  It’s all part of the process, one I do enjoy.

Blah times

So I haven’t run since my marathon, by choice.  At the end of training I noticed I was getting some foot pain, and after last years issues, I figured it was best to take 2 weeks off from running to avoid any serious issues.  I did yoga the first week and then this week, added in some elliptical and strength training.  But I have to say, I feel terrible, my eating has not been great, and I just feel so so blah.  Walking is nice, but it doesn’t do it for me like running does, and the not doing it, is really starting to get to me.  I know, I chose to do this, and in my head, I know I am saving myself from not running for a long time by letting my feet heal, but man, this sucks.

Tomorrow, I start running again, 3 miles, then some strength work, cause for the next 2 months, I am going to really work on my strength.  I will be going back to boot camp on Wednesday and Fridays, and for now, not running super long distances, just 3-4 miles during the week and maybe up to 8 miles on the weekends.  I have some races coming up, they will all mostly being just fun, no PRs or anything like that.  At the end of July I start training for my Sub 2 hour half so I am going to really build up my strength for that, and get myself prepped, because that is going to be hard.  I also need to stop eating crap, I just really bad at the end of marathon training and I have just kept going.  So this week, meals are being made today along with some premade breakfasts.

I now see how much running means to, not only my physical health, but my mental and I hope by taking weeks off here and there, while I will be blah, I will be able to run for a long time.  I really do need it in my life

Treadmill Rant

ok, minor annoyance in the ride of life but I am annoyed so I shall blog about this.


Right now there is over a foot of snow outside (thanks so much mother nature) so I have to run on the treadmill, and yes I have to.  First off, running keeps me sane, like I don’t think you understand, if I don’t run, you don’t want to deal with me.  Second, I am training for a Marathon, so I have to get this training in.  So I have to run on the treadmill, do I enjoy it, no, but shit has to get done and that is the only place I can do it.  I also run very early in the morning, you know, when it is still dark, so that plus huge piles of snow and unshoveled side walks equals very dangerous for me to be out there, while I need to run, my safety is also very important.  And if you then say, god, glad I live in (insert some warm weather state here), I now want to punch you in the face, so go away.

Also bless the carriage road in Newton, MA so that I can still do long runs outdoors.


You knew this was coming, 2016 is almost done, 2017 is just around the corner, time to set some goals.  This year, I have learned to not only set times, but set goal races so let’s get to it shall we.

1:  Run a 4:50 or better marathon at the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati.
I ran a 4:53:54 in Chicago, and while the Pig has hills, I think I can improve my time with better training and of course, I live in a valley full of hills, I can do this

2: Run a Sub 2 hour half
I don’t have the exact race picked out yet, but I am eyeing 2, and they are both in November so that will be my big fall goal

3: Run a sub hour 10k at the BAA 10k
This is in June and a very flat race, I was just a little over an hour this year so getting just under should be doable.

4: Run a 25 minute 5k at the PawSox 5k
I ran this in 27 minutes this year so I have to shave 2 minutes off, while this will be tough, I know if I do the speed work I can do it and hopefully that gets me to place in my age group.

For some overall stuff, I need to add yoga into my training to keep myself stretched out and injury free, also take some more time off after the marathon to properly heal up.  I do want to try and run a race each month and so far have January, February, May and June booked.  And then of course is the big goal, the run a race in every state goal.  I checked off Illinois, Florida and New York in 2016, so far in 2017 I have Ohio and Texas planned, hope to maybe get 2 more states in.  Hell in 2016 I got a country (UK) in,, maybe I could trek up to Canada and run a race there, that would be cool

What are your goals this year?  What amazing things are you planning for 2017? maps

All the Traveling

So, I usually do a blog post after each race I do, but I have been traveling a lot lately so, I have 2 races to tell you about today.  First up, is the Disney Wine and Dine Half.  First up, yes these races are expensive, but I would recommend you do one, cause they are a whole lot of fun.  I decided to do this race at a slower pace since I really wasn’t ready to be trying to set PRs and it was Disney, I wanted to enjoy it.  I my time is nothing amazing, 2:32 but hey, I did have fun.  They set off fireworks for each corral, and there are characters through out the race and you can stop and take pictures with them.  You do get a sweet medal and lots more food then just the usual Banana and water.  Overall it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it, mostly because we got to go to the Wine and Food Festival at Epcot at night and well, runners love to eat and there was tons of great food to choose from, along with some very tasty drinks too.15002279_10207412594373376_2997312128752278755_o

yes I did dress up as Buzz Light Year, cause I love Buzz.

Well after getting back from Florida, I got to travel to England for work, WOOT.  I love Europe, I am a big history geek so Europe is my jam.  I got to spend the weekend in London with some co workers and so I decided to run a race there, cause why not.  I did the Regents Park 10k, it was a beautiful park and my only complaint was they should have started the race earlier to avoid all the people hanging out in the park, but other then that, the race was great, easy route, got a medal too, didn’t expect that with a 10k and got to eat some yummy British cookies.15000149_10207466535281865_5920850108769911846_o

again, not an amazing time but I did this for fun and to say I ran a race in another country, I am going to have to print out a map of Europe now.  London was amazing and then when I had to go to the town my company is located in, Malvern, I ran there most mornings and it was really beautiful 15110314_10207479431844271_6754520297606724212_o

So, there are my 2 races, this week I run the Donohue’s Turkey Trot in Watertown, I love Turkey Trots, cause I run, then I eat…everything.

I hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving

Racing Around the Country

So I was going to wait on this until the end of the year, but, hey I am starting to plan out my 2017 races so why not discuss it now.  I have mentioned before my big goal is to run a race in every state the map above is current with the states I have raced in, by the end of 2016 I will add Illinois and Florida to the list.  So far for 2017 I have Texas and Ohio booked and of course I am looking to get to some more states.  I might be looking for a half in early April and then after May looking for just about any race any where.

If you would love for me to visit, let me know.  Got a super cool race near you, let me know.  If you are willing to lodge me (I eat a lot and races start super early FYI) let me know.  I really appreciate the friends who have already let me stay and others who have offered, I have some super great people in my life and getting to spend a weekend in a new place with someone who lives in the area is always fun, cause I don’t just run, I do enjoy exploring and learning new things.

So I am hoping to check off a whole lot of states in 2017, and I hope to visit some friends along the way