Crazy Hair Don’t Care

Not a whole lot going on in my running work, still training for Canaan Valley Half and it still is going to happen so fingers crossed that stays. I figured I would write a little bit about non running life.

So in late May, my company let us know that we would never be going back into the office. They were moving to smaller building and anyone who had been working from home was going to stay that way. We will have hot desks so that if we need to go in, we have a place to work but that’s about it. So I decided…I will never have a natural hair color again.

Now before you say I am having a mid life crisis…I might be…but really I have wanted fun colored hair since I was a teen, but the parents said no, and then I got office jobs and fun colored hair is frowned upon there. Well, now I no longer need to worry about the office, I mean hey, I currently spend my days in sweatshirts and sweat pants so having purple or blue hair won’t matter much.

First thing I did was rainbow hair, it was cool, but I was mostly still blonde.

This did get me into the idea of just doing my whole head a fun color though, so next up was purple…

pretty cool right?? I loved it, and it actually faded to a pretty cool pinky purple.

Last week…I went BLUE

it is so fun and cool, but let me tell you, when you was your hair, it looks like to just drowned a bunch of smurfs.

So that is the evolution so far, currently planning what the next color may be. Also I plan on letting whatever that is fade a bit in the summer, as I do enjoy swimming and fun colors and chlorine don’t really work well together. This really has brought me some joy in this not so joyful Covid times.

If you have any fun color ideas for me, let me know, always willing to take suggestions.

And I hope you have all found something to bring you some joy in this less then joyful times.

I also, want to give a huge shout out to my Hair Stylist Nicole Chaput who owns Colour Queen salon in Westborough, she really does an amazing job

6 Years

6 Years ago I got married, I have mentioned it before, it didn’t work out.  We had been together a while, even lived together for a few years, but were only married a year and a half.  I didn’t go into it hoping it would end, I didn’t want it to, I tried my best to make sure it didn’t.  But alas, it wasn’t good enough, and from what I have gained in experience since, I wasn’t ever going to be good enough for him.  And you know what, I don’t care anymore.  I am good enough, I am pretty damn awesome, and I now have a guy who agrees, and treats me with the love a respect I deserve, and of course, I treat him as such (relationships are a 2 way street)  This day will always hurt a little, I can’t lie about that, but in the end, I learned, I learned to never bend my ways to make myself, someone else, to try to not be who I am just to make someone happy, cause then I won’t be happy and it will all blow up in the end anyways.  Life is always giving you lessons, some hurt like a bitch, this was one of those.  But in the end I am better for it

You have to be consistent

Last week, I was going through my “on this day” on facebook and 4 years ago I had a before and after photo of myself after losing 15 lbs.  I had been doing My Fitness Pal for a few months and had finally gotten into a steady exercise routine and wouldn’t you know, it worked.  I remember about that time that it finally clicked with me.  You couldn’t diet, you couldn’t not eat certain things, you had to make a lifestyle change and that is the only thing that works.  I have kept that weight off for over 4 years now, pretty amazing and I am really proud of that.  I still track on my fitness pal, mainly to maintain now and just keep up a reminder of what I am putting in my body.  I now work out 6 days a week, back then I usually did about 4 or 5 but I now also train for halves and whole marathons so that requires more time.  I see a lot of people, friends, who post about going on diets or they can’t eat certain things on diets and I cringe, because it won’t work, diets don’t work.  I still eat ice cream, hell I had some delicious ice cream today, but I know I can’t eat it everyday, same thing with chocolate, once in a while won’t kill you, denying yourself of something with never work long term.  I am a big fan of the 80/20 rule, 80% of the time I eat healthy food and 20% I splurge, it works for me.  I also run , a lot, and strength train, so 80/20 might not work for you, it might be 90/10 but find your balance and change your lifestyle, stop with the fad diets and stop denying yourself things you enjoy, that is just no fun and won’t work.

If you would like to be my buddy on My Fitness Pal my name on there is Soxobsessed, come be friends with me, it is a great free app that can help with eating a lot, I know it has really helped me.

PS  I have some races coming up if you would like to come cheer me on, or maybe run with me
November 6 – Disney Wine and Dine – Orlando, FL
November 12 – Regents Park 1ok – London, England
November 24 – Donohue’s Turkey Trot 5k – Watertown, MA
December 11 – Frosty Half Marathon – Rayhnam, MA

Loving Me

So, not only do I write a blog about running, I read a lot of blogs about running, my favorite is Run Selfie Repeat, done by Kelly Roberts, she is hilarious and shows the good and bad of running and all the in between here is a link to it RunSelfieRepeat Anyways, lately she has been talking about why she runs and exercises but also about confidence issues with her body and running and how she has dealt and deals with it, so it inspired me to write about mine.

In my early 20s I gained a lot of weight, I basically stopped playing sports and moving around but kept up to eating, so at age 23 I was probably about 200 lbs and squeezing into a size 16 pant because I refused to shop in the “plus” size section.  One day I popped a button off of a shirt and it hit me I needed to lose some weight.  I joined weight watchers, and joined a gym.  It helped, a lot, I really didn’t understand portion size or what healthy foods were and weight watchers helped teach me that, I also got back into working out, mainly taking classes and doing the elliptical but it worked, I lost 50 lbs a dropped down to a size 10 comfortably.  I was so happy, my clothes fit again and I got the attention of a hot guy at work, awesome life was good.  Sure go with that.

I settled into life, got into a serious relationship and put some of the weight back on, not all of it, but I was just sitting around again, and while I didn’t return to my completely terrible eating habits, I did bring some of them back, not good.  And then I was planning a wedding and basically was not rolling in dough and my then fiance thought paying for a gym was a waste of money, so I figured, hey I should try running, it’s cheap and I can do it outside.  (LOL at the cheap part)  I kinda ran, not much and I was not at all encouraged to do it and often told it would hurt my knees and my back and why bother, so I did some home work outs and was told I was loud and jumped too much and this and that.  Got married…and then basically got forgotten about, by him and by myself.  I got back into running and then just wanted to lose the weight so he would pay attention to me, cause that must be why he doesn’t notice me any more right..sure.  I joined MFP and seriously took to running and I lost 30 lbs, I was down to 124, lowest I had ever been, but SOOOO UNHAPPY cause guess what, he didn’t care and he never would.

I moved out and on, got into running daily, ran more races, ran a half marathon and decided to had in some strength training, kept up my healthy eating and started to just feel good about myself again.  I loved how I felt running, like I could do anything and so I just kept adding on to it.  I’m now 140 lbs, only know cause my doc has to weigh me and I am healthier and fitter then I was at 124, also I am happy with myself, I love me, do I love me everyday, god no, but overall, I am very happy with my body and how it looks and what it does, cause holy shit I can run a marathon

I also want to give a shout out to my boyfriend Lars, who, unlike the ex, supports me in everything I do.  He is my personal race photographer and cheers me on even when he can’t be there.  This is what I should have wanted before, just took me a while to learn.