Nowhere to Run

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This week was a rough week, not so much because of the weather (though it has been hot, this week the humidity is back yaaaay) my head was not in it this week.  Training for 2 marathons and fundraising for one is not easy and everything was getting to me.  Add in that I was having trouble sleeping and then some rando creepy dude decided to hang out at the track when I was trying to do my speed work, it all blew up on Tuesday.  I sat, I cried, I scrapped the workout and just worked on pulling myself together.

I got a great nights sleep Tuesday night and the rest of the week improved, ending with a very good long run yesterday where I hit all my paces even with the humidity.  I stopped at one point, to get some water and take my fuel, and I just stood there, and said to myself, you can do this, and eff all those people who don’t believe in you, you believe in you, and that is all that matters, keep on kicking ass, you got this girl.  After that, I was just running like I was floating.  And I will take that with me the rest of this training cycle.

I also have this cycles theme songs, I usually just have one, but 2 spoke to me this time, so I am using both.  Rooster by Alice in Chains and Alive by POD, the first line to Rooster usually rings through my head on my hard workouts, “Ain’t found a way to kill me yet” cause it won’t and I won’t give up on this, 4:30 will be mine.



Also, registration for the International Races ends on August 26th, so you better sign up soon, and use code 2019DETROCKS to save 10%


New York, New York

Big News…..I’m running the NEW YORK CITY MARATHON

but wait, you say, aren’t you already running Freepress, yes I am.  Why am I running another fall marathon, easy, it’s to show my love.

My Sorta mother in law Holly, who was originally diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2015, fought it, and was in remission, so in 2016 I ran Boston in her Honor.  This week, unfortunately, we got some bad news, her cancer is back, and it isn’t curable.  So, I’m going to use my abilities to help, I am running the NYC Marathon for the V Foundation, a great charity that gives the funds to cancer research, I hope by raising money and running the marathon, that one day, no one will ever have to hear that their cancer is not curable.  So you will see me on the social, asking for donations, and I will ask here too.

This is Holly

Please donate, the link is below, even just $10 will help.  I will be adding names to my singlet, just like I did in Boston, so if you have a loved one who you wish to honor or memorialize , please leave a note with your donation and I will add them to my shirt

Richmond Marathon

Well, this was the hardest race, and not because it was hilly or a tough course, my leg just wasn’t having it.  Around mile 15 my hip was on FIRE, so I ran/walked from then until about mile 25, when I made a friend and was able to run until the end.  A 6 hour marathon was not what I was hoping for, but it is what I got.  I did learn I can push through a lot and that I will fight hard to finish, but I start PT tomorrow and hope to never ever have a race like this again.

As for the overall Race, it is so nice, they call this the friendliest marathon and I agree.  Richmond itself is so easy to get around, and their are tons of local restaurants to try.  The expo is small,  but still has lots of stuff to see and do (they did have a beer tasting) getting your number is quick and getting all your swag is easy too.  Everyone was smiling and it was nice.  Also the expo has tons of parking so no need to worry about that.  Race morning, TONS OF PARKING like, there is no need to worry there is so much parking.  The start line was easy to find, and got into my corral, made a friend there too.  The weather was perfect, like couldn’t ask for better race weather.  The race itself is so nice, some hills but nothing crazy, running along the James River is just stunning and they had Bands and Djs all over the course.  There were also cheerleaders, and plenty of people to cheer you on.  The neighborhoods are fun to run through will lots of junk food stops and extra water (also some booze if you’re into that) The finish is down hill, and I mean steep down hill, but that felt nice.  And the after party is in a nice park, with plenty of room to move around.  If you park near the start line, there is a bus to take you back there.  They really did think of everything.

I would totally recommend this race, friendly, fun and mostly flat.  Plenty of parking, and the city itself is super easy to get around with lots of fun things to do.  Lars and I went to check out Hollywood Cemetery the next day and enjoyed that.

So state 20 is done, and there will be no more races in 2018, as I work on making my leg better so I can crush my goals in 2019.20181113_181240

Why you should run Rhode Races Newport

Disclaimer: I’m promoting Rhode Race Newport as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

  1. Newport, it’s amazing place to visit.  Beautiful ocean views, great restaurants and you can check out the Tennis Hall of Fame.  If you do sign up for the race, make sure to make a weekend of it so you check out this great place
  2. Daffadillion kicks off after the race, I mean, who doesn’t want to check out beautiful flowers and welcome spring to New England, cause man, we have missed it
  3. RI Brewers Guild will be sponsoring the beer tent, and will have local craft beers for you to try.  Something for everyone, which is way better then just one beer
  4. Newport Storm is hosting the bib pick up. MORE BEER
  5. Pieszoni’s is bringing the delicious pizza, and I love me some pizza after a run

Prices are going up on 3/1 so get over to and sign up and use code BIBRAVE to save 10%.  Also, if you maybe plan on running some more of the Rhode Races, you can get a really really sweet medal 28055753_2037001923251592_4765998147771341997_n

Updating on my goals

So to start, a reminder of what my goals for 2017 were/are:

1:  Run a 4:50 or better marathon at the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati.
I ran a 4:53:54 in Chicago, and while the Pig has hills, I think I can improve my time with better training and of course, I live in a valley full of hills, I can do this

2: Run a Sub 2 hour half
I don’t have the exact race picked out yet, but I am eyeing 2, and they are both in November so that will be my big fall goal

3: Run a sub hour 10k at the BAA 10k
This is in June and a very flat race, I was just a little over an hour this year so getting just under should be doable.

4: Run a 25 minute 5k at the PawSox 5k
I ran this in 27 minutes this year so I have to shave 2 minutes off, while this will be tough, I know if I do the speed work I can do it and hopefully that gets me to place in my age group.

now to update:

1: COMPLETED, I ran a 4:44:19 at the Flying Pig so I smashed my goal, and I enjoyed myself even though I thought I was going to die at many points during the race

2: On going, I have signed up for the race and booked the hotel, training starts at the end of July

3: The race is Sunday, I hoping to get it done, but if I can’t, I have another 10k, Beach to Beacon in August and I will try again there

4: I found the race for this, finally, The Smuttynose Rock Fest in Hampton Beach, NH.  should be a nice flat 5k to rock a PR and that is October 1st.


I also wanted to update the upcoming race list, just in case anyone wants to come and cheer me on

June 25 – BAA 10k – Boston, MA

July 15 – Run To Homebase – Boston, MA

July 22 – DMSE 5 and Dime – Andover, MA (you can run this too use code BIBRAVE2017 to save $5)

August 5 – Beach to Beacon – Cape Elizabeth, ME

September 9 – Craft Classic – Atlanta, GA

November 12 – Southern Fried Half – Outer Banks, NC

(these are the races I have bought and paid for, I have more coming, I just haven’t or can’t sign up for them yet)

I hope to see some on you out there, either cheering or running with me, and I hope you are all kicking but at your goals in 2017.goals

Flying Pig Marathon

WOW, that is how this will start, this was easily the hardest Marathon I have done, and yet, I set a new PR by 9 minutes, 4:44:46.  Let me tell you about it.

First off, just let me say how well run this race is, the expo was great, lots of great vendors and spaced out enough that people aren’t on top of each other (like Boston) Also, everything is super easy to get to, and there is TONS of parking in Downtown Cincinnati.  For race morning, they have so..many…portapotties, like so many.  There were barely any lines for any of them, it was fantastic and I can’t harp on this enough, in Chicago, the lines were so long I couldn’t go and ended up having to pee the entire marathon, not this one, got in and got out and into my corral with time to spare.  I met up with my pacers (the 4:30 group a mistake on my part) but they were super nice and were very positive.  I just should have set myself with the 4:45 pacers instead.  Once 6:30 hit, the first group was off and about 5 minutes later, my group was off, not much waiting and I appreciate that.

The race itself, hills, so many hills.  within the first 4 miles you run over 3 bridges as you run through Kentucky then back into Cincinnati over the Ohio River.  So, those are all hills, nothing too huge, but still, hills.  Then you head through downtown, then into a park (I don’t remember the name) some of the steepest hills I have ever run up, but when you get to the top, oh man, the view is gorgeous and you can see most of Cincinnati from there, stunning.  I was still keeping up with my 4:30 group, but this killed my legs, and at the next water stop, I lost them.  I was keeping up a 4:35 pace though and so kept going on my own, by mile 7 the half marathoners leave, so now I was pretty much entirely on my own, which is ok, I’m used to it.  But I thought the hills were done….NOPE.  Between miles 17 and 18, STEEP ASS HILL, and this is when my legs finally go, “hey, hey you, you went out WAY too fast, we are going to be led now and hurt and all that fun stuff, enjoy” so I slowed down, a lot.  By miles 21 and 22 I would have to take walking breaks and everything, I mean everything hurt.  Also, my sports bra decided to start stabbing me, which is cool (not).  I was run/walking for the rest of the race, and I could see the pace number getting higher on my watch and I started to get upset thinking I would not hit a PR, at that point Lars starting sending me messages through RaceJoy to pep me up, they mainly made me cry, but I needed those, god did I need them.  I got to mile 26 and walked up the hill (yes another one) then ran down and just keep running to the finish Swine (line) and discovered, I had set a new PR, and by a good amount.  I just wish I had started with a slower pace group, and maybe, the back end of it wouldn’t have been so much torture.

Overall, other then the hills, this race is great.  So many aid stations, and tons of food options throughout the race, they also give out wet towels at mile 23.  The crowds are awesome and there is music at almost every mile.  I loved this race and I loved that I did so well, and it being hard was just another lesson to learn.

Now onto some time off, this next week is strictly yoga, and then back to walking and some strength training.  Then adding running back along with boot camp, I want to get myself in better shape to start prepping for Sub 2 hour half training in July.  But don’t worry, I have races to do all summer.

Me with an actual “Flying” Pig 

Tracking Me on Race Day

So the Flying Pig Marathon is a week away, very excited to get out to Cincinnati and run.  Feeling good and ready to go, hopefully all goes well.

I know not everyone can get out to Cinci to watch, so if you want to track me there are 2 ways.  First is through the RaceJoy app, you can find the Flying Pig Marathon, then search for me by name.  I do have the app on my phone and will be running with my phone.

The other is the Flying Pig App, look for me by name and there you go.

Also, if you maybe want to run the race, you can still sign up, use code PIG2017BR  to get $10 off any of the races.

Thanks to all who keep track of me, on this blog, or through twitter or FB, I appreciate it and hope to get some cheers from all of you on race day.

Updating the goals

So far 2017 is going well, running is going great, life, overall, is great.  The new apartment is amazing and having a porch is the best, so excited to start using it.  I have some big things coming up in May, Marathon #5, going to see Metallica for the first time since 2004, and oh yeah, 2 new tattoos (pumped) so you will hear about all those things soon, but I noticed I need to update some of my goals, I like to be accountable to them, and telling the world about them helps with that, so without further ado…here are the updates.

Sub 2 hour half:  Still doing this, I just finally picked the race, it is the Southern Fried Half Marathon, and it is on November 12th.  Training for this will begin at the end of July, so I will have some time off after my marathon.

Run a 25 minute 5k:  Still want to do this, but I have to change the race.  The PawSox 5k got moved to May (no email about it, they are terrible about advertising it) so I must pick a new 5k to try at.  I am thinking one the weekend of 9/30 – 10/1, so if you know of a cool flat 5k that weekend let me know.

Also, non goal news, I am doing my first BibRave Pro race or races, I am running the 5 and Dime at the DMSE Sports Classic in Andover, MA.  It means I run a 5k and 10k in the same day, first time ever running 2 races in 1 day, should be fun and I will be doing some promo blogs for it.  So be on the look out for those, and if you want to run the race, or races too (they also have a half) then use the code BIBRAVE2017 and you $5 off any race.

That’s all for now, hope everyone is kicking butt with their 2017 goals, keep up the great work.

Flying Pig

Hey everyone, so if you follow me anywhere, you know I am running the Flying Pig Marathon NEXT MONTH (holy crap it really is next month).  I wanted to let you all know about a cool offer, first off, if you sign up for any of the races before midnight tonight you can get your name on your bib (totally helpful with strangers yelling at you) also, prices go up tonight, another thing that could help with the price, you code PIG2017BR and you can save 10 bucks, come on, who doesn’t want to save 10 bucks.  There are more races then just the marathon, so if you aren’t quite at marathon running yet, you can sign up for a the 5k, 10k or half.  Come on and join me in Ohio.

Marathon training in the Cold is hard

So, you all know I live in Mass, I do love living here, but I hate the months of December through March.  This year, mainly March, it has been bitter cold and we just had a blizzard…awesome.  Running outside has not been easy, there were a couple days when the temps were below 0 with the wind chill, and then, of course snow.  Last weekend I was supposed to run 15 miles, we had a minor snow storm the Friday before.  When I got out to run, non of the sidewalks were shoveled and the wind was so strong it was damn near knocking me into the middle of the road.  I got through 9 miles and I just couldn’t continue.  It was too hard, too cold, no sidewalks and the wind, OMG it was so bad.  So I cut it short for my own safety and sanity.

This weekend, while cold, no wind and it is above 0 so that is a positive.  We had a blizzard on Tuesday, but almost all the sidewalks were shoveled so I didn’t have to run in the road as much.  Today I got my 16 miles done and felt so much better.

During the week, I have to run on the mill, there is too much ice and snow right now and I can’t see it in the dark, so rather then break some more bones I play it safe and use the dreadmill, I don’t enjoy it, but I enjoy not being in the hospital more.

Overall, it is really a #firstworldproblem and I am lucky to have easy access to a treadmill but man I cannot wait for Spring and Summer, I am done with winter.