Nowhere to Run

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This week was a rough week, not so much because of the weather (though it has been hot, this week the humidity is back yaaaay) my head was not in it this week.  Training for 2 marathons and fundraising for one is not easy and everything was getting to me.  Add in that I was having trouble sleeping and then some rando creepy dude decided to hang out at the track when I was trying to do my speed work, it all blew up on Tuesday.  I sat, I cried, I scrapped the workout and just worked on pulling myself together.

I got a great nights sleep Tuesday night and the rest of the week improved, ending with a very good long run yesterday where I hit all my paces even with the humidity.  I stopped at one point, to get some water and take my fuel, and I just stood there, and said to myself, you can do this, and eff all those people who don’t believe in you, you believe in you, and that is all that matters, keep on kicking ass, you got this girl.  After that, I was just running like I was floating.  And I will take that with me the rest of this training cycle.

I also have this cycles theme songs, I usually just have one, but 2 spoke to me this time, so I am using both.  Rooster by Alice in Chains and Alive by POD, the first line to Rooster usually rings through my head on my hard workouts, “Ain’t found a way to kill me yet” cause it won’t and I won’t give up on this, 4:30 will be mine.



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Bix 7

So I am officially at the Half way point of my goal to race in all 50 states, I ran the Bix 7 in Iowa this past weekend and that was state 25.  To think, I am half way there, that is pretty cool, and I have started planning 2020, gotta more of the middle of the country checked off, and all future travels will be by plane, I no longer can drive to states, oh well, might mean less states in a year, but I will get it done.  Now let me tell you about the Bix

I flew into Chicago for this a drove across Illinois, fun little road trip.  I went to visit the town of Galena, IL and got to visit the Grant House (where Ulysses S Grant lived with his family) and the town itself was quite cute.  Then drove to my Air B&B, my first time using Air B&B, and I liked it, I will continue to use it.  I stayed in Rock Island, IL, not far from Davenport, nice quiet area.


Grant House

Friday I went to Davenport and got my Bib, the race had buses that you could take into the city both for bib pick up and race day, and I used it, saved me money on parking, which I appreciate.  Bib pick up was easy and the expo was small but had some cool stuff.  I then finally got to see the Mississippi River, and yeah, it’s cool.  After reading about it in my school history books for years, it was super cool to finally see it up close.

Race day, I did my warm up on the trail along the Mississippi, which was pretty cool 67412114_10214474323872200_8248282751195676672_o

the race itself went pretty well, it was a hot day and HOLY CRAP IS THIS RACE HILLY, but I got it done, I slowed down knowing the heat was bad, and managed to finish in a good time and enjoyed myself.  The city of Davenport goes all out for this race, tons of people out, thankfully lots of hoses and sprinklers and lots of music, they really have a great time and it just makes for a much more fun race.  The after party was great too, lots of space and plenty of food and water.  If you want to run Bix I wouldn’t go into it thinking PR, it’s a tough race and it is in July, so it’s probably always going to be hot, but it is a lot of fun.

Sunday I went to Field of Dreams, SO COOL.  Bit of a ride from where I was but worth it, and if you love baseball, and you happen to be in Iowa, go, it’s cool.

No, it’s Iowa

Overall, I really enjoyed this trip, and would recommend the race to everyone, it’s fun.  Also, Iowa is pretty fun to and it isn’t just full of corn, though there is a lot of it.

2 States in one weekend

First weekend in June I decided I needed to finish off the east coast, so I decided to run the Baltimore 10 Miler in MD, and the Sallie Mae 5k in DE.  I got them both done, and I am officially done with the East Coast YAAAAAAY.

The Baltimore 10 Miler was fun, hilly but fun.  I went into the race knowing it was a fun race, so I went in wanting to enjoy it, and I did.  The race starts near the Baltimore Zoo, and you run through the streets of the city, to another park, run around a lake, then run back to the Zoo.  It was all great scenery and a very safe and well run race.  Plenty of Volunteers and cops out and also, plenty of portopotties.  There was music at both ends, and it was hilly, not crazy steep hills, mainly just rolling hills.  Also, a lot warmer in MD and DE then it has been in MA, so my body was not having it, but I just ran/walk and was fine., also the medal was pretty cool.IMG_20190601_105238_419

The Sallie Mae 5k was in Bellevue Park in Wilmington, DE.  What a lovely park, if I lived in the area I would run there everyday.  The race was entirely in the park, it was some paved trail, and a dirt track, easy run, and mostly shaded so that was nice with how warm it was.  It is a very small race, but well run, easy everything and lots of space to park, and they had people taking pics so Lars and I got a photo taken 20190602_085511

Another fun run, and enjoyed the it the entire way, if you are looking for a small 5k to run in DE, I would recommend it, it was a very lovely race 20190602_095308

and with that, I am done the east coast, and I am now at 24 states, almost half way there.

I have had the past 2 weeks off and on the 15th I will be running the Timlin Memorial 5k in Hopkinton, MA which will be the start of Marathon training, so it all begins again.


Run Madtown

Disclaimer: I received free entry to Run Madtown presented by SSM Health race as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

So state 22 is done, Run Madtown didn’t go perfectly but overall, I am pleased with this race.  First let me tell you about the race itself

The expo is small, but nice, still some shopping to do, and I did buy myself a new pair of sneakers.  I got my bib quickly and easily.  Also, Madison has plenty of parking, street and garage, so for both the expo and race, you should have no issue finding a place to park.

The race itself starts right in downtown Madison, right in front on the capitol building which is so cool.  Plenty of portopotties and bag check was quick and easy.  The race itself is hilly, but a really scenic one, through out the entire race.  The roads are not all closed, but plenty of volunteers and police officers are out to keep you safe and keep traffic moving.  Plenty of water stations, with plenty of volunteers to hand out cups.  You get to the run through the aboratorium which was lovely and peaceful until you leave it, and have to go up a HUGE hill.  After that hill though, it is fairly flat and you finish at the State House, overall, really well done race and I would recommend it to anyone.

Also, you get free race photos, yes I said FREE and hey I got a good one BJJ_0855-3

So for me, I was hoping for a PR, but alas, that did not happen, I did run 2:17 which I am pleased with, as I haven’t run a half that fast in 2 years.  Spring races are always tougher as my body is used to cold weather, and race morning the temps were in the high 50s, and it only got warmer.  I enjoyed Madison, it was a great walkable city with lots of restaurants and coffee shops and small shops.  And all the water, the views are just amazing and it is a very walker, runner, biker friendly city, so if that is your thing, go visit.

And now, another state checked off the list, slowly getting my way through the midwest


New York, New York

Big News…..I’m running the NEW YORK CITY MARATHON

but wait, you say, aren’t you already running Freepress, yes I am.  Why am I running another fall marathon, easy, it’s to show my love.

My Sorta mother in law Holly, who was originally diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2015, fought it, and was in remission, so in 2016 I ran Boston in her Honor.  This week, unfortunately, we got some bad news, her cancer is back, and it isn’t curable.  So, I’m going to use my abilities to help, I am running the NYC Marathon for the V Foundation, a great charity that gives the funds to cancer research, I hope by raising money and running the marathon, that one day, no one will ever have to hear that their cancer is not curable.  So you will see me on the social, asking for donations, and I will ask here too.

This is Holly

Please donate, the link is below, even just $10 will help.  I will be adding names to my singlet, just like I did in Boston, so if you have a loved one who you wish to honor or memorialize , please leave a note with your donation and I will add them to my shirt

Training for Madtown

Disclaimer: I received free entry to Run Madtown presented by SSM Health race as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

Figured  I should give you all an update about my Madtown training.  As you know I am looking to run a sub 2 hour half and my coach has me putting the speed work in.  My current pace threshold is 9:30, and I have been able to mostly hit it.  I’m feeling really good and overall, this training block is going quite well.

I am currently doing strides (20 second sprints with a 1 minute recovery walk) twice a week. Every Tuesday is track Tuesday and this past Tuesday I did mile repeats, other then some stomach issues I felt good.  My issue with Tuesdays is I need to eat before, but I am getting up at 4am to do them, so I need something quick, I tried a smoothie this week and NOPE bad idea.  So if you have any ideas for me on this, please message me, or hit me up on twitter (RuninRedsox) or instagram (same name).  My long runs have been a mixture of slow and speed, usually ending with a fast pace, and mostly I have done it.

I am feeling pretty good right now, and hope to keep up the hard but good work, and I am hoping for a nice shiny PR in May.


Don’t forget, if you want to Run Madtown as well, sign up and use code RAVENSAVE to save 10%

Heard it Through the Grape Vine

Disclaimer: I received free entry to Detroit Free Press/Chemical Bank Marathon as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I have picked my fall marathon….and it is….


Super excited to head to Michigan and even run in another country (yes I do get to run in Canada) fingers crossed for other things, that this will be state number 26 for me (over half way YES)

If you would like to join me, you can register here and make sure to use code 2019DETROCKS to get 10% off

Hope to go visit so many things while I am there, but I really can’t wait to see where Motown started, that will be great.detroitmarathonlogo


Charleston Half Marathon

I went into this race not expecting much, I wasn’t sure how my hip would hold up as I hadn’t run more then 5 miles since my marathon.  My coach gave me a plan to run for 90 minutes and if after that I needed to run walk that would be fine, to just go with how I felt after that.  Well I ran that 90 minutes, and then I just kept running, and I ran the whole thing, no walk breaks other then going through the water stops, and I felt AMAZING, other then being the normal sore, I am in no pain, felt no pain while running and man was that AWESOME.  I finished in 2:39, totally not even close to my PR but after last year and having to walk every half I did this was a total win, and has me feeling really good about my goals for this year, I feel like I have my running mojo back and man am I excited to race the rest of 2019.

Now more about the race overall.  Charleston is a really cute city, and I would recommend a visit, especially in January, where it is 50 degrees there while it is 12 here.  The expo was easy to get to and navigate, it was a small one, but still had some cool things to see.  Bib pick up and swag pick up was easy and smooth, and after that I went into downtown to have some lunch (Charleston has some amazing food)

Race morning, was a cool morning (for the area) but a sweatshirt was good for me over my running stuff.  The race starts near a school and the school was open for runners to go in sit in to stay warm, which was really nice.  The marathon takes off first, at 7:15, then the half takes off at 7:30 there are pacers for both races, so I set myself with the 2:45 pacers to make sure I didn’t take off.  Once the race gets going , you immediately turn right and start running around the Citadel, which was really cool.  Then you head towards the coast and you run right along the ocean with all the beautiful old big houses and palm trees, it was so gorgeous and I wish I could live there.  Then you get to run on King St which is like the shopping district of the area, and where I had lunch the day before.  After that you head into a industrial area, not pretty, but it wasn’t terrible and the group with the 2:45 pacers was a fun group and we were having some great chats, made the miles go by faster.  There is one hill (yes one) to go over a bridge, around mile 10, wasn’t too big but a little challenge.  Then you head into the Naval Yard where the race finishes, and you finish is small park.  You get an awesome medal (it’s huge and sparkly) and then you get SHRIMP AND GRITS YAAAAAAAAAAS PLEASE and they were tasty, I very much enjoyed that.  You also get 2 free beers, but I didn’t partake of those.


Overall, I really liked this race, it is flat and fast, it’s well run and put together and they have great perks that other races don’t have (shrimp and grits).  The race shirt is really nice and I wore it on my run this morning and the medal is great.  So if you want a race to run in SC, I recommend this one, smaller race so not huge crowds but sometimes that is nice.

So state 21 is done and dusted, and now I only have 2 states left on the east coast, MD and DE, I am having trouble getting a race for DE on June 2nd, so if you know of a 5k or 10k on that day let me know thanks.20190114_185427

Get away from Winter

Disclaimer: I’m promoting Key West Half Marathon & 5k as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to find and write race reviews!

Anyone who follows me on the socials knows how much I hate winter, and snow and ice and cold it is all terrible.  Having to run on the mill  or worse not run at all because of the weather is just awful.  So what do you do to get away???  Travel to a race, or a racecation as the cool kids call it, and man do I have a great race for you, The Key West Half Marathon and 5k.

The race takes place on January 20th and here are the usual temps for that time of year PicsArt_12-30-04.09.14

Yeah, that seems so much better then 20 – 30 degrees and snow, right, right.

So go click on that link and register for the race, also use code BIBRAVE20 to save 20% off the half.

Enjoy the warm weather, parties, great food and not being in winter for a bit and go run the Key West Half and 5k.

Richmond Marathon

Well, this was the hardest race, and not because it was hilly or a tough course, my leg just wasn’t having it.  Around mile 15 my hip was on FIRE, so I ran/walked from then until about mile 25, when I made a friend and was able to run until the end.  A 6 hour marathon was not what I was hoping for, but it is what I got.  I did learn I can push through a lot and that I will fight hard to finish, but I start PT tomorrow and hope to never ever have a race like this again.

As for the overall Race, it is so nice, they call this the friendliest marathon and I agree.  Richmond itself is so easy to get around, and their are tons of local restaurants to try.  The expo is small,  but still has lots of stuff to see and do (they did have a beer tasting) getting your number is quick and getting all your swag is easy too.  Everyone was smiling and it was nice.  Also the expo has tons of parking so no need to worry about that.  Race morning, TONS OF PARKING like, there is no need to worry there is so much parking.  The start line was easy to find, and got into my corral, made a friend there too.  The weather was perfect, like couldn’t ask for better race weather.  The race itself is so nice, some hills but nothing crazy, running along the James River is just stunning and they had Bands and Djs all over the course.  There were also cheerleaders, and plenty of people to cheer you on.  The neighborhoods are fun to run through will lots of junk food stops and extra water (also some booze if you’re into that) The finish is down hill, and I mean steep down hill, but that felt nice.  And the after party is in a nice park, with plenty of room to move around.  If you park near the start line, there is a bus to take you back there.  They really did think of everything.

I would totally recommend this race, friendly, fun and mostly flat.  Plenty of parking, and the city itself is super easy to get around with lots of fun things to do.  Lars and I went to check out Hollywood Cemetery the next day and enjoyed that.

So state 20 is done, and there will be no more races in 2018, as I work on making my leg better so I can crush my goals in 2019.20181113_181240