Tracking my runs

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So I have been using Strava for a while now as a means to track my running.  It’s really a great tool for this and it has some added fun things to add to your running.

First off, groups and friends, there are so many groups on Strava you can join and you can create your own with friends.  Great way to have some friendly running competition.  There are groups for major races, so you can see everyone training for a race you are doing, it really is nice, and hey always cool to get likes on your runs

There are monthly challenges, which are some of my favorite things.  A nice little boost to the usual running stuff, they don’t always have prices, but sometimes they do and that is cool.  They almost always start the year off with a challenge with Lulu Lemon and you can get a decent discount on Lulu Lemon if you complete the challenge.  It isn’t only for running either, they have biking challenges and climbing challenges so whatever your thing is you can track it.

Of course, if you are a runner, you have to instagram your run, I mean, of course.  In strava you can add your photo and post your stats with it. so hey, now everyone knows.

Also, hooking it to your garmin is easy peesy and it auto uploads so there is nothing much you have to do other then start your watch, run, stop your watch, can’t beat that.

I am always learning something new about it as well, and I can’t wait to see what other cool things I can do with this app.


I like to run alone

Those early morning hours, quiet, other then the few cars out.  Maybe some bunnies scurrying around, just me, my feet hitting the pavement and my music.  I think about what the week has planned or what I have done that week.  I think about the process towards my goals, I think about work, and maybe how to solve an issue I have come upon.  I think about life, what is good what is bad, maybe try to solve the worlds problems.  Or sometimes I don’t think, I just listen to the music and the sound of my feet stomping down, those are usually the best runs, even with the beeping of my watch telling to speed up or slow down, weather I am on the road or at the track, I love to run alone.

I’m well aware of the dangers, I am always prepared, I have an app for my BF to track me, I wear lights and reflective things, I also stay in busy areas so I know there are always cars going by and they are all well lit with maybe a Dunkins along the way, cause they are up early like me.  But I would still rather be alone.  I am by no means, an introvert, I love people, I love talking with people, but I spend the rest of my day, with people.  I live in a 2 bedroom apartment with my BF and my dog, it is in a very large complex so I see my neighbors frequently.  I work in a cube farm, so there really is no privacy, and I do really like most of my co workers, and I love my boyfriend and dog, I also love my alone time, and I get that when I run.

So please stop with the, You have to run with others, I get the safety aspect, I do, but I don’t want to run with others.  I want quiet, I want my angry music, I want my feet hitting the street, I don’t want someone elses chatter or their problems, I have enough of my own.  I want the peace that comes with my dark runs that turn into sunrise, the peace I feel after it is all over and I have everything solved, I want the peace of me just being with me.  Respect that, respect my alone time.

Review: CEP 3.0 Tall Socks

Disclaimer: I received an CEP 3.0 Tall Socks to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

After my calf issues last training cycle, I have been trying compression sleeves and socks.  The socks I had tried before were soooo tight and so difficult to get over my large calves, which made me just not want to use them, struggling with someone at 4:30 am, not pleasant at all.  Then I tried the CEP 3.0 tall socks and boom they hit the spot.


First off, they are easy to get on, without sacrificing the compression part, they are soft and roll right over my calves and hence, much easier to deal with at 4:30 am.  I have warn them for all my track workouts and long runs and they are comfy for both.  They are thicker in the foot area as well, so that felt nice while running, also super nice when winter running, a nice bonus when you have some extra layers for warmth.

If you wish to get some and try them for yourself, you can go here

I do really recommend these and I will be buying myself another pair because I do love them so much.  These will be my race socks for all my upcoming races.  Which reminds me, I need to go update that blog post, cause there are more races in my future.

Review: Addaday Massage Roller

“Disclaimer: I received an Addaday Pro Roller to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!”

All runners know about the foam rollers or stick rollers, you have a love hate relationship with them, they hurt but man, do they help.  I have a foam roller and a stick roller to travel with, but when given the chance to try the addaday massage roller, I had to try it, it looked so different from what I have already, and hey could only help.


You will notice this roller, looks quite different, let me tell you, all those notches on it, they dig DEEP, and when my hammy was tightening up last week, it got right in there to loosen it up.  also, that lovely little red knob, great for your feet, as someone who has dealt with PF, this is great, trust me it stings at first, but your feet will feel so much better after 52440829_10213412523647858_7659066491483979776_o

If you are a runner, or do any sort of work outs, I would recommend this roller, it gets in so much deeper then regular rollers and really pushes on the points you need pushed.  You can go to and buy it there, or check out your local runner store for it.  I have not traveled recently, but I would bet this is very easy to travel with and I will be taking it with me to Wisconsin when I do Run Madtown.

Overall, my advice, get this, it is great.

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

I have seen this quote in many places, and I always loved it, always believed it too.  I never try to compare myself to others, I am my own person, and I handle life and running in my own way that works for me.  Up until last year, everything had gone pretty well in the running and life dept, and then it just didn’t and that’s when I realized, that you also shouldn’t compare yourself to your past self.

I started out 2018 injured and I should have listened to my body and just taken it slow, and just raced for fun (that whole 50 states thing requires racing to still happen if it can) but nope, I had to push, cause I had to top my PRs, I had to get better, and I couldn’t be complacent, always gotta improve on previous me. All this didn’t work, and I would get so down on myself, and then, I would eat, and not my normal healthy foods, I would eat junk and lots of it, and then my running would still not improve, cause of course it wouldn’t.  Eating works with running, and you have to eat good food to get your body to run at it’s best.  I just wasn’t and I would make all the excuses for it, but I didn’t want to change, I was enjoying all the candy and cookies and hey I was still running so it all worked out.  NOPE.  Then I started training for the marathon and got a great coach, but a coach can’t save you from yourself and she couldn’t slap the candy out of my hands.  I trained and it mostly went well, and then I got hurt again, cause of course I did.  I wasn’t eating right and totally not listening to my body at all, and it all blew up  in Richmond.

After Richmond, I sat with myself, and knew I had to stop running and go to PT and really get my hips right.  I also needed to stop with the junk and the excuses to eat them. I also needed to realize that every year is different and I am getting older so I can’t compare what is happening now to my younger self, that will never lead to happiness.  So I have been eating MUCH better, and my running is feeling great.  I am also working more strength training in to make sure my body stays healthy.  And while I do hope to get new PRs this year, I will listen to my body and if I need to step back, then that is what I need. Overall life and running are feeling much better in 2019, and I hope to keep it up, but 2019 is 2019 and not 2017 or 2016 and that is ok, I will no longer compare, because I would prefer to just be happy.

Heard it Through the Grape Vine

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I have picked my fall marathon….and it is….


Super excited to head to Michigan and even run in another country (yes I do get to run in Canada) fingers crossed for other things, that this will be state number 26 for me (over half way YES)

If you would like to join me, you can register here and make sure to use code 2019DETROCKS to get 10% off

Hope to go visit so many things while I am there, but I really can’t wait to see where Motown started, that will be great.detroitmarathonlogo


Time is Running Out

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The Key West Half Marathon and 5k is this weekend, have you signed up yet?  Well you better get on that, you don’t want to miss out on this race and the amazing weather they will be getting this weekend screenshot_20190114-181813_weather

You can go here to register

and make sure you use code BIBRAVE20 to save 20%.  Also, here are the latest details about the race you can go here

So hurry up, get over to that site and register for this fun race and get yourself away from this cold winter, cause who wants to run in the cold I don’t.

Charleston Half Marathon

I went into this race not expecting much, I wasn’t sure how my hip would hold up as I hadn’t run more then 5 miles since my marathon.  My coach gave me a plan to run for 90 minutes and if after that I needed to run walk that would be fine, to just go with how I felt after that.  Well I ran that 90 minutes, and then I just kept running, and I ran the whole thing, no walk breaks other then going through the water stops, and I felt AMAZING, other then being the normal sore, I am in no pain, felt no pain while running and man was that AWESOME.  I finished in 2:39, totally not even close to my PR but after last year and having to walk every half I did this was a total win, and has me feeling really good about my goals for this year, I feel like I have my running mojo back and man am I excited to race the rest of 2019.

Now more about the race overall.  Charleston is a really cute city, and I would recommend a visit, especially in January, where it is 50 degrees there while it is 12 here.  The expo was easy to get to and navigate, it was a small one, but still had some cool things to see.  Bib pick up and swag pick up was easy and smooth, and after that I went into downtown to have some lunch (Charleston has some amazing food)

Race morning, was a cool morning (for the area) but a sweatshirt was good for me over my running stuff.  The race starts near a school and the school was open for runners to go in sit in to stay warm, which was really nice.  The marathon takes off first, at 7:15, then the half takes off at 7:30 there are pacers for both races, so I set myself with the 2:45 pacers to make sure I didn’t take off.  Once the race gets going , you immediately turn right and start running around the Citadel, which was really cool.  Then you head towards the coast and you run right along the ocean with all the beautiful old big houses and palm trees, it was so gorgeous and I wish I could live there.  Then you get to run on King St which is like the shopping district of the area, and where I had lunch the day before.  After that you head into a industrial area, not pretty, but it wasn’t terrible and the group with the 2:45 pacers was a fun group and we were having some great chats, made the miles go by faster.  There is one hill (yes one) to go over a bridge, around mile 10, wasn’t too big but a little challenge.  Then you head into the Naval Yard where the race finishes, and you finish is small park.  You get an awesome medal (it’s huge and sparkly) and then you get SHRIMP AND GRITS YAAAAAAAAAAS PLEASE and they were tasty, I very much enjoyed that.  You also get 2 free beers, but I didn’t partake of those.


Overall, I really liked this race, it is flat and fast, it’s well run and put together and they have great perks that other races don’t have (shrimp and grits).  The race shirt is really nice and I wore it on my run this morning and the medal is great.  So if you want a race to run in SC, I recommend this one, smaller race so not huge crowds but sometimes that is nice.

So state 21 is done and dusted, and now I only have 2 states left on the east coast, MD and DE, I am having trouble getting a race for DE on June 2nd, so if you know of a 5k or 10k on that day let me know thanks.20190114_185427

Get away from Winter

Disclaimer: I’m promoting Key West Half Marathon & 5k as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to find and write race reviews!

Anyone who follows me on the socials knows how much I hate winter, and snow and ice and cold it is all terrible.  Having to run on the mill  or worse not run at all because of the weather is just awful.  So what do you do to get away???  Travel to a race, or a racecation as the cool kids call it, and man do I have a great race for you, The Key West Half Marathon and 5k.

The race takes place on January 20th and here are the usual temps for that time of year PicsArt_12-30-04.09.14

Yeah, that seems so much better then 20 – 30 degrees and snow, right, right.

So go click on that link and register for the race, also use code BIBRAVE20 to save 20% off the half.

Enjoy the warm weather, parties, great food and not being in winter for a bit and go run the Key West Half and 5k.

2019 Races…so far

I generally try to keep one post going of all the years races and where I am traveling to, but I tend to forget about it mid year, so my resolution for 2019, is to keep this post updated with the races I am doing in 2019.  I love funny signs and to meet new people, so don’t be afraid to shoot me a message if I am going to be racing in your area.

June 15th – Timlin Memorial 5k – Hopkinton, MA

July 27th – Bix 7 – Davenport, IA

October 20th – Detroit Free Press Chemical Bank Marathon

November 3rd – New York City Marathon