State 30 will be…

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Not what I was expecting for state 30, but gotta get to all of them. I will be running the Fargo Half Marathon on September 25th.

Excited to hopefully be at 31 states by the end of 2021. Obviously that could change, but so far it is looking good.

If you want to join me, at any of the distances, use code RUN5 to save $5

Link to register is

Review: Whitepaw RunMitts

Disclaimer: I received Whitepaw RunMitts to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!”

Do you live in an area with a harsh winter, you know, regularly gets below freezing with windchills making it even colder? Do you also have to go outside in that weather, be it running, or walking, or just have to go to the grocery store. Then you need to get yourself a pair of Whitepaw RunMitts.

I got the wind and water resistant ones but you could get the double velour fleece ones or the lightweight ones, depending on your hand warming needs. These are thumbless, which was odd at first, but man, it really helps keep your hands warm. They do fold over, so if you need to use your hand, it is very easy to do.

So super easy to still get to your watch, or phone if you need to.

I wore mine on some of the coldest and windiest days in February, like -10 windchill days and my hands would sweat, that’s how warm they were.

They are super soft, very comfy, they do come in sizes, I have VERY small hands and wear a small, so I would size up if you are not like me with the tiny hands.

Whitepaw RunMitts is also a women owned/black owned business and she is a baseball fan (that may matter only to me but hey, had to mention) so it is a great company to support. I have heard from non running friends who have bought these and claim this is the warmest their hands have been, so hey, you don’t need to be a runner to want these.

Go to to purchase them, and use code BIBRAVE5 to save $5. (Good until March 31st 2021) She sells other things as well, so purchase some other stuff while you are there too.

Back as a Bibrave Pro

Excited to announce that in 2021 I am continuing being a BibRave Pro. Going into my 4th year and hoping to get to some in person races for them this year.

I love testing new products and I love my fellow pros, I even have a few that live near by, and once it is safe, hopefully we can hang out at the local brewery again. Being a Pro does let me have access to a lot of discount codes, for products and for races, and if you want to use any, just click the link above to look them up.

Also, don’t forget to read up on my goals for 2021, hopefully with travel involved.

Review: Knockaround Sports Collection

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You know I love me some Knockaround sunglasses, I mean I own, about 10 pairs. But when I learned we could test these out I couldn’t pass it up. How are these different you ask, well they have rubber nose pads, so they do not slip, move or bounce.

I made sure to really test them out, I took them on multiple long runs and even got to use them in some of my shorter speed work outs, and they are right, no bouncing. No slipping down my nose, which I generally have huge issues with, as I have a very tiny nose. If you are looking for great sports glasses at a really great price, I highly recommend these.

They come in some really cool colors, as per usual with Knockaround, and you cannot be their prices. These are really great quality glasses that will not cost you an arm and a leg.

Please go check out and you can use code BibRaveKnocks5 to save 20% off an entire order (only one time per customer)

Be sure to check out my fellow pros reviews….

Stepping up

Disclaimer: I received an Amazon gift card to  review and promote the FitnessBank Step Challenge with Des Linden as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!


For the past month I have been in a step challenge on the Fitness Bank app, and the one and only Des Linden was part of it too. Having this challenge this month has been great.  Having everything cancelled was a quite a downer and this was a nice positive thing to force me to get outside and get some walking in, Rosie very much approved of that.

The Fitness Bank app was super easy to set up and use.  There are lots of other challenges to join in so if you are looking for something to help you get out and walk, join in. You do not need to sign up for an account to use the step tracker, if you want to, cool but it is not required.  You can also get your friends to join and set up some step challenges with them, nothing like a little friendly competition to get you motivated.

While I am no where close to winning this, as my steps have gone way down with less running, that is ok, I still enjoyed it, and it was nice to say I got to compete against Des Linden, cause that will never happen again.IMG_20200421_112150_674

2020 Races

Oh yes, it’s time for the list of 2020 races.  I will do my best to keep this updated through out the year.  And if you live in any of the areas I will be in, let me know, I always love to meet up with people.


5/17 – Harpoon 5 Miler Virtual Run – Waltham, MA

6/6 – Shifter’s 5k – Waltham, MA

10/4 – Smuttynose Rockfest Half – Hampton Beach, NH

10/17 –  Urban Bourbon Half – Louisville, KY

Review: Sawyer Stay Put Sunscreen

Disclaimer: I received Sawyer Stay Put Sunscreen to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

As someone who pretty much always runs outside, sunscreen is necessary, year round.  (The sun still comes out the winter I swear it does) I have tried tons a brands, and they keep me covered, but always were super goopy or would have to be reapplied more often because they would just sweat off. I have finally found the perfect running sunscreen and that is Sawyer  Stay put sunscreen.

It goes on easily, doesn’t leave streaks all over.  Also is dries quickly, so I can put it on, then touch my phone, and I don’t end up with sunscreen all over my phone.  It stays on through all my long runs.  I worn is for multiple hours and never once have I burned in the sun.  Also, doesn’t come off in my all my runs through sprinklers. It also doesn’t smell, which I really enjoy, I don’t need to smell like a giant coconut on my runs, plus I think that helps keeps the bugs away from me, since I don’t smell like food.

I have a cute model 

I did use it for pretty much everything, running, walking, and sitting by the pool, loved it for all things.  If you are an outdoor athelete I would highly recommend this sunscreen for you, you can go here to purchase it.

Check out my fellow pros reviews, we all kinda like it

Protect Your Skin From The Summer Sun!


The Best Sunscreen for Runners

Nowhere to Run

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This week was a rough week, not so much because of the weather (though it has been hot, this week the humidity is back yaaaay) my head was not in it this week.  Training for 2 marathons and fundraising for one is not easy and everything was getting to me.  Add in that I was having trouble sleeping and then some rando creepy dude decided to hang out at the track when I was trying to do my speed work, it all blew up on Tuesday.  I sat, I cried, I scrapped the workout and just worked on pulling myself together.

I got a great nights sleep Tuesday night and the rest of the week improved, ending with a very good long run yesterday where I hit all my paces even with the humidity.  I stopped at one point, to get some water and take my fuel, and I just stood there, and said to myself, you can do this, and eff all those people who don’t believe in you, you believe in you, and that is all that matters, keep on kicking ass, you got this girl.  After that, I was just running like I was floating.  And I will take that with me the rest of this training cycle.

I also have this cycles theme songs, I usually just have one, but 2 spoke to me this time, so I am using both.  Rooster by Alice in Chains and Alive by POD, the first line to Rooster usually rings through my head on my hard workouts, “Ain’t found a way to kill me yet” cause it won’t and I won’t give up on this, 4:30 will be mine.



Also, registration for the International Races ends on August 26th, so you better sign up soon, and use code 2019DETROCKS to save 10%

Review: Road ID Wrist ID

Disclaimer: I received an Road ID Wrist ID to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

I have known about Road ID for a while, an always meant to get one, because, extra safety precautions is never ever a bad thing, but I just kept putting it off and not getting one, so when Bibrave offered this to us I jumped at it and I am so glad I did.

I got the Wrist ID with the pin tuck band, in red and gold.  I was worried about it fitting on my wrist, since I do have such tiny wrists, but no issues.  It fits nicely, doesn’t move much and is very comfortable.  For my ID, I put my name, location and 2 emergency contacts, and a mantra.  You can also had any allergies you might have.  I wear this 24/7 now, I never take it off, I even sleep in it, and no issues with that.pic_shot_1564850594713

If you do any outdoor sport, I highly recommend you get one of these.  They have all sorts of products, not just the wrist ID, so if this isn’t your jam, you can get a sidekick which attaches to your garmin watch.  Also, Road ID has an app, it’s free, and it can track you while you run, and also list on emergency contacts and allergies.  If you want to get a Road ID, and I suggest you do, then go here and you will get 20% off

Did it even happen…

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If it isn’t on Strava?  Have you signed up yet?  You should, it’s a great tracking app and it is free.  You get so  many cool features with it, challenges, you can join groups and running clubs, you can join a group for an up coming race you are in.

I love being able to look up my stats easily and just see how I have improved from week to week, month to month and year to year.  Also, Strava emails you your monthly stats which is always cool to get.

I have used other tracking apps and Strava is by far my favorite and one of the easiest to use, I hope you are enjoying it as much as I do